Information Technology Contacts

Staff Photo - Temple Murphy

Temple Murphy

Director of Information Technology

Photo of Diane Skurski

Diane Skurski

I.T. Office Manager, LHS/VHHS

Eli Kelly staff photo

Eli Kelly

LHS I.T. Manager

Bo Warmbold staff photo

Bo Warmbold

VHHS I.T. Manager

Photo of Kate Isabelli

Kate Isabelli

Tech Integration Specialist, LHS/VHHS

Kurt Hinsberger staff photo - keep

Kurt Hinsberger

I.T. Technician, LHS

Photo of Jack Holland

Jack Holland

I.T. Technician, LHS

Christopher Kelly staff photo

Christopher Kelly

I.T. Technician, VHHS

Peter Rivera staff photo

Peter Rivera

I.T. Technician, VHHS

Photo of Dan Treptow

Dan Treptow

Video Engineer, LHS

Beth's picture

Beth Landeche

Media Producer, VHHS

Photo of Lina Klein

Lina Klein

AV Technician, LHS

Photo of Dave Zacharko

Dave Zacharko

AV Technician, VHHS

Photo of Cody Hawks

Cody Hawks

AV/Production Tech, LHS

Brian Todoric Staff Photo

Brian Todoric

AV/Production Tech, VHHS