LHS Girls' XC 2019 Season

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Alison Reifenberg


Assistant Coach: Megan Sharp


Assistant Coach: Annemarie Sampson



Important School Phone Numbers

Athl. Director: John Woods

(847) 327-7063

Athl. Department Secretary: Kim Kirk

(847) 327-7065

LHS Main Office: (847) 327-7800


Ways to Stay Connected

  • Remind: smartphone? Web browser: rmd.at/f83ddg --- no smartphone? Text the message @f83ddg to the number 81010

  • Team Google Classroom: Code = 4fjtu7

  • Team Facebook Page: LHS Wildcat Girls XC

  • Team Twitter: LHSGirlsXC

  • RSchool: only location to access competition schedules (up to the minute information)

  • Team Website: https://www.d128.org/lhs/athletics/girls-cross-country



We are so happy that you have made the decision to join the LHS Girls’ Cross Country team for the 2019 season! We are looking forward to another great season. We hope that by being a part of this team you will not only improve as a runner, but also as a person. We ask that each day you bring a great attitude and the willingness to work to the best of your ability. We truly believe that together we can continue to be one of the strongest distance teams in the area and can continue to strive to be a top program in the state. 

-Reif, Sharp, Sampson


LHS Athletics Vision:

The Libertyville High School Athletic PROGRAM will be nationally recognized for excellence in the classroom, in competition and in the community.


LHS Athletics Mission:

The Libertyville High School Athletic Program will promote the DARING mission of District 128 by providing our student-athletes the opportunities to reach their potential as responsible and productive citizens. This is accomplished by fostering a culture of success with an emphasis on academic, athletic, social and personal development.


LHS Athletics P.R.O.G.R.A.M.

As coaches at LHS, we are dedicated to helping you improve as an athlete and as a young adult. Our XC P.R.O.G.R.A.M. will help you develop in the following areas:


Passion (Choosing to sacrifice your time and comfort in order to achieve something important to you)

Respect (Treating others how you would like to be treated; teammates, coaches, other teams, officials, parents, yourself)

One (Team > Teammate > Self; our TEAM is what makes us great, not one individual)

Grit (Being courageous and pushing through discomfort; being comfortable being uncomfortable)

Reliability (Being someone others can trust and rely on to be their best everyday)

Accountability (Being able to take responsibility for your actions and being able to hold others to their best)

Mindfulness (Being aware of the present moment; calmly acknowledging your emotions, thoughts, and physical sensations)


Important Items to Own for XC Season

  • Running Shoes: Make sure you have a pair of running shoes that fits and is designed for your foot. Each brand makes their shoes a bit differently, so trying on multiple pairs is important. Go to Runners Edge for a great fitting experience!

  • Racing Spikes (optional): If you plan on participating in cross country or track for a few years, racing spikes are a great investment. You only use these on race day and for a few practices per season, so you will only need one pair unless your feet grow. Make sure to get cross country or distance spikes, not sprinter spikes (these will not provide enough support and friction on the grass). If you are on Varsity, wait until we go to the Peoria meet; they sell spikes for really cheap!

  • Athletic Clothes: You will need a sports bra and good socks. Running gear can be expensive, so any workout gear you have is fine. Target is a great store with many comfortable options. In high school Reif always wore sweatpants and a regular t-shirt and turned out fine.

  • Watch: You will need this more than those fancy running shorts! Seriously. A watch that has a timer is the best investment outside of your shoes. A GPS watch is a plus but is definitely not required or expected. You will need a watch everyday. The team now has 20 GPS watches that will be handed out as part of some girls’ uniforms, but we have more than 20 watches and they will be collected at the end of the season. If you can, buy one! You can find them super cheap on Amazon.

  • Uniforms are only for race day! They are not to be worn at practice ever.


Information about Injuries

  • All injuries are to be reported to the coaching staff immediately.

  • If the injury is minor, athletes are still required to attend and participate in practice. Your participation in practice will be monitored, and you will complete modified workouts. 

  • If the injury is more severe, the athlete needs to first check in with the coaching staff.  Athletes will then be sent to see a member of our athletic training staff for evaluation and treatment. 

  • If athletes are taken out of sport by the training staff, they must be cleared to return to practice/competition by the training staff.


During any injury the athlete is still expected to come to practice and meets.  You can certainly bring homework to make the time more productive. 


Information about Nutrition/Hydration/Sleep

There is only so much that we can do to improve you as a runner each day.  The majority of your progress depends on what you choose to put into your body while away from practice.  It is very important that you eat right and keep yourself sufficiently hydrated during the season. Eating at least three well-rounded meals each day is a must.  Eating a good lunch and staying hydrated throughout the day is crucial to being able to perform in practice after school. There is so much research that has been done about the amount of sleep you need in order to be at your peak performance (athletically, mentally, and emotionally). By getting fewer than 8 hours of sleep per night, you are not setting yourself up to being the best that you can be in the classroom, socially, or on the course. If you have any questions about nutrition and sleep please don’t hesitate to ask.  


Academic Eligibility and Academic Help

To be eligible for weekly competitions, an athlete must be passing four academic classes (including physical education and drivers education). If an athlete is not passing four academic classes, they are ineligible to compete in meets.  Each week we get the athletic eligibility report so we will know how you are doing in your classes. Please stay on top of your schoolwork and let us know if you have any problems or need help.


If an athlete needs academic help, we want her to get it. Several sources of potential help include peer tutoring through the National Honor Society and individual help through teachers and / or coaches. Whenever possible, this extra help should be scheduled before school or after practice. If this is not possible, and the athlete is late to practice, then they are required to arrive with a pass. 


In terms of homework, no athlete will be dismissed to go home and work on homework. Part of being a student-athlete is learning how to manage your time. We do believe that academics should always be the top priority, so if there is a problem completing work, then you must come talk to the coaches about the situation.


Athletic Code

All athletes are expected to abide by the Libertyville High School athletic code of conduct pertaining to behavior,conduct and substance abuse.


Award Criteria

All athletes who finish the season in good standing will receive an LHS athletic award at the fall awards night. Awards will only be distributed on this evening. Varsity and junior varsity letter determinations are based upon the points that an athlete scores in meets and coaches’ recommendations. All athletes are expected to attend the LHS Fall Sports Awards Night, which is Wednesday, November 14th at 7:00 pm.  


Ways to earn Varsity points-

  • In a Varsity Invite finish in the top 1/4 = 3 points, top 1/2 = 2 points, top 3/4 = 1 point

  • In a dual meet beat the opposing teams 7th runners = 2 points

  • Start a Regional or Sectional race = 1 point

  • Start the state meet = 2 points

  • Earn 18 points to be awarded a varsity letter 


Non High School Competitions

Athletes are not allowed to compete in any running competitions outside of their high school season.  This is an IHSA rule and failure to comply may jeopardize your eligibility.


Rules of the road

  • Be courteous while running off campus.

  • Run on sidewalks when you can.  If there is no sidewalk, run single file on the left side.

  • Follow proper trail etiquette when on trails (watch for bikes, don’t run 4 wide).

  • Cross all major roads at stop lights with the walk signal (176, Milwaukee, Butterfield).

  • Avoid running through parking lots (cars aren’t expecting you).

  • Always look for yourself when crossing a road. 

  • Always run with a teammate.

  • If you ever feel uncomfortable, go to a safe place and contact someone.

Season Calendar

Mon (typically long run day)

Tues (typical race/workout)

Wed (typical recovery day)

Thurs (typical workout day)

F YOGA (Var @ 7:10 in 259)

Sat (typical race/workout)


3:45-6 @ Track


3:45-6 @ Track


3:45-6 in 259


3:45-6 @ Track


3:45-5 GymnGym


8-10 @ Track


3:45-6 @ Track


3:45-6 @ Track

7 Freshman  Athl. Meeting


3:45-6 in 259


3:45-6 @ Track


3:45-5 GymnGym


8 Parent Meet 9 TT @ Adler

12 Picture Day



3:45-6 @ Track


3:45-6 @ Track

Open House


3:45-6 in 259


3:45-6 @ Track


3:45-5 GymnGym


8-10 @ Adler


Labor Day - Run on own


3:45-6 in 259


3:45-6 @ Track

County (Var)


3:45-6 @ Track


3:45-5 GymnGym

5 Pasta Party





3:45-6 @ Track


Meet @ Home



3:45-6 in 259


3:45-6 @ Track


3:45-5 GymnGym


8-10 @ TBD

Peoria (Var)


3:45-6 @ Track


Meet @ Home



3:45-6 in 259


3:45-6 @ Track


3:45-5 GymnGym

5 Pasta Party





3:45-6 @ Track


3:45-6 in 259


3:45-6 @ Track


3:45-6 @ Track


3:45-5 GymnGym

5 Pasta Party





NO SCHOOL - run on own


Meet @ Waukeg.



3:45-6 in 259


3:45-6 @ Track


3:45-5 GymnGym

5 Pasta Party


8-10 @ TBD


Meet @ LF



3:45-6 @ Track


NO SCHOOL - run on own


3:45-6 @ Track


3:45-5 GymnGym

5 Pasta Party





3:45-6 @ Track


3:45-6 @ Track


3:45-6 in 259


3:45-6 @ Track


3:45-5 GymnGym

5 Pasta Party



Times TBD


3:45-6 @ Track


3:45-6 @ Track


3:45-6 in 259


3:45-6 @ Track


3:45-5 GymnGym


Regionals (V)


3:45-6 @ Track


3:45-6 @ Track


Meet in 259 → 

Busse Woods!!


3:45-6 @ Track


3:45-5 GymnGym

5 Pasta Party


Sectionals (V)


3:45-6 @ Track


3:45-6 @ Track


3:45-6 in 259


3:45-6 @ Track


Practice in Peoria


State (V)

Any changes will be updated on the website, Twitter, Remind, and Google Classroom


Practice Times and Attendance Standards

Our goal is to have all athletes done by 6 pm. This should be a very attainable goal if all athletes come to practice on time. Thus, please arrive dressed and on-time. If you are part of a club, please let the coaching staff know at the start of the year, so we will know when you will be tardy. 


Most athletes will be done prior to 6 pm. When an athlete’s training group is dismissed by its coach (Group 1: Reif, Group 2: Sampson, Group 3: Sharp), the athletes in that group are dismissed from practice. Athletes can stay at practice until they are picked up by a parent or drive themselves home. The timing at the end of practice will vary day-by-day depending on the length of the run, important meetings (regarding team policies, racing strategy, nutrition, sleep, mental health, etc.), and post-run strength routines. Again, our goal is to make you the best you can be, which requires more than just running.


If you have a job, that is great! Make sure your bosses know that you cannot leave practice before 6 pm for work. If you need to travel to work, shower after practice, or go home beforehand, that will add on time, too. The same goes for Saturday practices from 8-10 am. If you leave early for work, it will be considered an unexcused practice dismissal.


If you need to schedule a doctor's appointment, please keep in mind these time frames. We understand that doctors can be difficult to schedule, so please have both the athlete and the parent reach out to the coaching staff when a situation arises. If you need to miss practice for a doctor’s appointment and give us a few hours notice, it will be considered an excused practice dismissal/absence. If you do not give us any notice, it will be considered an unexcused practice dismissal/absence.


If an athlete needs to go home from school because she is sick, please have both the athlete and the parent reach out to the coaching staff. It is not the job of your teammates to inform the coaches that you are sick. If you miss practice because you go home sick and notify us prior to practice starting, it will be considered an excused practice absence. If you do not give us notice before practice starts, it will be considered an unexcused practice absence.


If you need to miss practice because of a family wedding or funeral, please just let us know as soon as you have the date. These events are considered excused practice dismissals/absences. 


If you have planned a family trip or college visit that requires you to miss practice or leave early, please let us know by the time trial. College visits are all considered excused practice dismissals/absences. Family trips that were planned prior to the season starting will be considered excused practice dismissals/absences but trips planned during the season will be unexcused practice dismissals/absences.


If you need to miss practice or leave early for any other reason not listed, it will be considered an unexcused practice dismissal/absence.


Penalties for Excused Practice Dismissals/Absences: There are no penalties. However, if we notice it is an on-going issue, we will reach out to talk to you to make sure everything is ok!

Penalties for Unexcused Practice Dismissals/Absences: 

1st unexcused: verbal warning and an email home (so everyone is on the same page)

2nd unexcused: conversation with the athlete about team expectations and email home

3rd unexcused: conversation with the athlete and parent about team expectations

4th unexcused: removal from the team


Race Day Expectations and Attendance Standards

Racing is the best part of cross country (albeit a mental and physical test); it is the team’s opportunity to show how much they have improved since the last time it raced and an opportunity to practice racing strategies. Each athlete, even if she is injured, is expected to be at all of the meets that their training group is attending. Varsity will be expected to attend all races on the schedule. Non-Varsity athletes are expected at all races except: County, Peoria, Regionals, Sectionals, and State. On the days of County and Peoria, Non-Varsity groups will have practice.


At these meets, there are varying numbers of races. At dual/tri meets, there will be only one girls race and one boys race. At invitationals, there will be multiple girl races. Athletes will be told which race they are registered for and the time of the gun. While we have coaches in charge of each race, athletes need to be aware of warm-up start times and be close to the team tent when that time is getting close. 


We warm up together as a team. We do not separate into smaller groups on our warm ups. The more experienced cross country runners should look out for those less experienced in order to help make sure they are doing what they need to be doing. 


After you finish the race, you are expected to cheer on everyone else in the race who is still finishing to the best of your ability. Please do not go back to the tent prior to the race ending. When the race has ended, please head straight back to the tent. Your warmups and shoes will be at the tent. When your teammates are back, please start your cool down as a group. Again, you cool down as a full group. When you are back from your cool down, you will meet as a group to stretch with a coach and debrief about the race. When you are done debriefing, athletes will make sure that they are cheering on the rest of their teammates who are competing in the other races.


When all races are finished, athletes need to head back to camp as soon as possible to assist in taking down the camp. We need to pack up the tent, rollers, and team equipment. We need to clean up our personal spaces. After the team camp is cleaned up, we will all head to either the bus or the awards (if it is an invitational). 


Away Meet Travel Expectations:

Each athlete is required by IHSA policies to take the bus with the team to the meet. Under no circumstances can they can drive themselves to meets.


Athletes should plan on driving home on the bus with their teammates. This time on the bus is a great opportunity for them to debrief with their friends and to enjoy each other’s company. There are team traditions that happen on the bus and important information about practices when we disembark. 


However, we understand that there are times when an athlete needs to go home with her parents. Please know that athletes are expected to stay until the end of the meet (including awards if it is an invitational). If you need to take your athlete home with you, please find a coach to sign out with only AFTER awards (invites) or AFTER camp has been completely cleaned up (non-invites).


Athletes may only travel home with the bus or with their parents. If an athlete needs to go home with another athlete’s parents, a sibling, or another relative, you will need to get this approved through the athletic office. An email to the Athletic Director, both sets of parents, and the coaches is necessary prior to the day of the meet.


Home Meet Travel Expectations:

Each athlete will meet the coaching staff at Adler. Athletes will need to sign in with a coach, so we can know that they are there.


The expectations are the same as away meets in terms of leaving. If it is our home invitational, athletes are expected to stay until the end of awards. If it is a dual/tri meet, athletes are expected to stay until camp is cleaned up. Athletes may drive themselves or get a ride.


Leaving a Meet Early or Missing a Meet

While expectations are important to have, there may be a time in which an athlete needs to leave a meet early or needs to miss a meet entirely. 


If an athlete needs to leave early or miss a meet for a family wedding or funeral, please let us know as soon as possible. These events are excused meet dismissals/absences.


If an athlete needs to leave early or miss a meet for a family trip or college visit that has been planned prior to the season starting, please let us know this information immediately. If we know about it at the start of the season, it will be considered an excused meet dismissal/absence. If we do not know about it until later or if the trip is planned later, it will be considered an unexcused meet dismissal/absence.


If an athlete wakes up and is clearly incapable of coming to cheer on her teammates, let alone race, please email the coaching staff before the bus time. If a parent emails us, it will be considered an excused absence.


Please do not schedule doctor appointments for meet days. These will be considered unexcused meet dismissals/absences.


If you need to miss a meet or leave early for any other reason not listed, it will be considered an unexcused meet dismissal/absence.


Penalties for Excused Meet Dismissals/Absences: There are no penalties. However, if we notice it is an on-going issue, we will reach out to talk to you to make sure everything is ok!

Penalties for Unexcused Meet Dismissals/Absences:

1st unexcused: conversation with the athlete about team expectations and email home

2nd unexcused: conversation with the athlete and parent about team expectations

3rd unexcused: removal from the team