2018 LHS Girls XC Team Handbook


If you are reading this, you have made the decision to join the cross-country team for the fall 2018 season.  We are looking forward to another great season.  We hope that by being a part of this team you are not only going to improve as a runner, but also as a person.  We ask that each day you bring a great attitude, and the willingness to work to the best of your ability.  We truly believe that together we can continue to be one of the strongest programs in our area, and continue to strive to be a top program in the state.    -Reif, Sharp, Sampson

Coaching Staff

Head Coach- Alison Reifenberg
Assistant Coach- Megan Sharp
Assistant Coach- Annemarie Sampson

Contact Information

Coach’s Email
Coach Reifenberg – Alison.Reifenberg@d128.org 
Coach Sharp – Megan.Sharp@d128.org
Coach Sampson -

School Phone Numbers
Mr. Woods, Athletic Director, (847-327-7063, A.D. Fax: 847-327-7175)
Mrs. Kirk, Athletic Department Secretary (847-327-7065)
Libertyville High School Main Office (847-327-7800)

Ways to stay connected

Team Google Classroom- 4fjtu7
Like the Facebook team page by searching- LHS Wildcat Girls XC
Follow us on Twitter- LHSGirlsXC

Practice Schedule

Monday - Thursday  ……….. 3:45 - 5:45 (at the track)
Friday ………….. 7:10 (in 258 for a run) - 7:30 …….. 3:45 - 4:30 (for yoga)
Saturday ……………. 8 - 10
Please do not schedule work or other appointments during these times. 
Please consult the team website for a full listing of practice dates and times on the calendar. If any practice times change, they will be updated on the team classroom, website, and Twitter.

Each day at practice, you need to be dressed AND checked in by practice start time.  I would suggest investing in a good pair of training shoes and racing spikes.  Go to a store like Amphibian multisport and get fitted for a shoe that works for you.  You are responsible for your own practice clothing.  Buy some tech fabric running clothes.  Target sells cheap running tops and shorts under their Champion brand.  Buy a watch!  You must wear a shirt or top that covers to your midriff while at practice and meets.  Meet uniforms and sweats are not to be used for practice.  

When at practice:

  • Respect your teammates and coaches
  • Work to the best of your ability each day
  • Keep a positive attitude
  • No phones (bags and phones will be set away from practice meetings)


By joining this team you are making a commitment to yourself, your teammates, and your coaches.  This team is important to us, and we hope you feel the same.  We do the best we can to be flexible with your schedules, but sometimes XC needs to be a priority.  This always seems to be an unpopular subject, but we have to have some form of a policy in place.  Below is our policy.  


Be on time!!!  If your tardiness becomes a chronic problem, you will have to sit down with the coaching staff to discuss the situation.  In the case of academics, you must present us with a pass from your teacher.  Being late due to club meetings needs to be worked out in advance.   Missing entire practices due to club commitments is not tolerated.


You are expected to be at every practice (including Friday mornings and Saturdays) and stay for the duration of all meets. If you know ahead of time that you are going to miss practice, please let us know ASAP.  If you communicate with us, we can make arrangements and be prepared for your absence.  Please bring a note or send an email to let us know what’s going on.  

If you miss more than 6 scheduled practices or meets, you will have missed enough training and racing to make it clear that you no longer wish to be part of this team. Thus, on your 7th absence, you will be removed from the roster.

IHSA State Series top 14- after the completion of the NSC Conference meet the coaching staff will pick the 14 athletes who will continue into the IHSA state series.  If you are a member of our top 14 you are expected to continue practicing and competing with the team.  This is not a choice.  If you fail to complete your season you will not receive an award or credit for being a member of the team this season.

It’s as easy as this.  You made a commitment to be a part of this team.   If you are at practice, the coaches are going to be working with you.  At practice you are going to be improving yourself and our team. 

Bus Policy

  • Athletes are expected to ride the bus to and from all away meets.  Athletes need to stay until the completion of all races.  We understand that there are extenuating circumstances, but please plan to stay and cheer on your teammates. If there is a need to leave the meet early, your parent will need to communicate that information at least the day before. 
  • After the meet if you ride home with your parents, they must sign you out on the attendance clipboard before you leave.  Just having your parent tell a coach that you are leaving is not acceptable.  Remember, your parent cannot sign you out until all races are completed and the camp area is cleaned up.
  • If you are a runner who will be winning awards at a meet, it is nice that you stay for the awards ceremony and accept your own award.  You earned your medal, so you should be the one to go up and get it. 
  • Athletes are only allowed to ride home with their parents.  You are not allowed to get a ride home from an away meet with anyone else’s parents unless approved by the athletic office in advance.


  • All injuries are to be reported to the coaching staff immediately.
  • If the injury is minor, athletes are still required to attend and participate in practice. Your participation in practice will be monitored, and you will complete modified workouts. 
  • If the injury is more severe, the athlete needs to first check in with the coaching staff.  Athletes will then be sent to see a member of our athletic training staff for evaluation and treatment. 
  • If athletes are taken out of sport by the training staff, they must be cleared to return to practice/competition by the training staff.
  • During any injury the athlete is still expected to come to practice and meets.  You can certainly bring homework to make the time more productive.


There is only so much that we can do to improve you as a runner each day.  The majority of your progress depends on what you choose to put into your body while away from practice.  It is very important that you eat right and keep yourself sufficiently hydrated during the season.  Eating at least three well-rounded meals each day is a must.  Eating a good lunch and staying hydrated throughout the day is crucial to being able to perform in practice after school.   If you have any questions about nutrition please don’t hesitate to ask.  

Academic Eligibility

To be eligible for weekly competitions, an athlete must be passing four academic classes (including physical education and drivers education). If an athlete is not passing four academic classes, they are ineligible to compete in meets.  Each week we get the athletic eligibility report so we will know how you are doing in your classes.  Please stay on top of your schoolwork and let us know if you have any problems or need help.

Academic Help

If an athlete needs academic help, we want her to get it. Several sources of potential help include peer tutoring through the National Honor Society and individual help through teachers and / or coaches. Whenever possible, this extra help should be scheduled before school or after practice. If this is not possible, and the athlete is late to practice, then they are required to arrive with a pass. 

In terms of homework, no athlete will be dismissed to go home and work on homework. Part of being a student-athlete is learning how to manage your time. We do believe that academics should always be the top priority, so if there is a problem completing work, then you must come talk to the coaches about the situation.

Athletic Code

All athletes are expected to abide by the Libertyville High School athletic code of conduct pertaining to behavior,conduct and substance abuse.

Award Criteria

All athletes who finish the season in good standing will receive an LHS athletic award at the fall awards night. Awards will only be distributed on this evening. Varsity and junior varsity letter determinations are based upon the points that an athlete scores in meets and coaches’ recommendations. All athletes are expected to attend the LHS Fall Sports Awards Night, which is Wednesday, November 14th at 7:00 pm.  

Ways to earn Varsity points-

  • In a Varsity Invite finish in the top 1/4 = 3 points, top 1/2 = 2 points, top 3/4 = 1 point
  • In a dual meet beat the opposing teams 7th runners = 2 points
  • Start a Regional or Sectional race = 1 point
  • Start the state meet = 2 points
  • Earn 18 points to be awarded a varsity letter 

Non High School Competitions

Athletes are not allowed to compete in any running competitions outside of their high school season.  This is an IHSA rule and failure to comply may jeopardize your eligibility.

Rules of the road

  1. Be courteous while running off campus.
  2. Run on sidewalks when you can.  If there is no sidewalk run single file on the left side of the road to better see oncoming traffic.
  3. Follow proper trail etiquette when on trails (watch for bikes, don’t run 4 wide).
  4. Cross all major roads at stop lights with the walk signal (176, Milwaukee, Butterfield).
  5. Avoid running through parking lots (cars aren’t expecting you).
  6. Always look for yourself when crossing a road.  Just because it was safe for a teammate doesn’t mean it is for you (side roads when we’re running on bike path).
  7. Always run with a teammate.
  8. If you ever feel uncomfortable, go to a safe place and contact someone.