Learning Support Teams

To find out who to contact on your LST, please click the link at the left for your last name.

Student Last Names A-F 
Room 152
Attendance Hotline
(847) 327-7210

Learning Support Team G-P

Student Last Names G-P
Room 156 
Attendance Hotline
(847) 327-7220

Student Last Names Q-Z
Room 1104
Attendance Hotline
(847) 327-7230

The attendance, discipline, and guidance functions have been combined into three Learning Support Teams. These LST's are divided alphabetically.

Each LST is made up of a Team Leader, counselor, social worker, and is supported by the teachers, a psychologist, a nurse, and office personnel. The LST works together to help the student take advantage of all the programs the school has to offer.

Attendance, counseling, social work, and behavioral interventions are all a part of the LST's responsibilities. Each LST meets on a weekly basis to talk about how to best serve students.