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Greg Loika

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Social Workers

Social workers at Libertyville High School provide support for students with a variety of issues which may be impacting on their day-to-day education.

Some of the ways we provide support for students:

  • Providing support groups, groups that are topic based to the particular needs of our students.
  • Advocating for student needs with teachers and consulting with educational staff
  • Providing individual student counseling on a short term basis
  • Providing educational opportunities around relevant social issues such as depression awareness, dealing with stress and anxiety, and seeking support in school.
  • Crisis intervention services
  • Participating in the identification and evaluation process for determining eligibility for special education students
  • Networking with outside agencies and resources for referrals and crisis situations
  • Classroom presentations about mental health and other topics
  • Collaborate with local hospital providers to assist with transition of students back into the school setting.
  • Provide need-based counseling referrals to families and students
  • Assist with financial support for families in need
  • Contact and additional support for students who are homeless. For more information on homelessness, click here.
  • Support for abuse, for more information visit the ISBE Sexual Abuse Response and Prevention Resource Guide
  • District 128 Mental Health Referrals