Summer School Rules & Regulations


Each day of Summer School is roughly equivalent to a week’s worth of coursework during the regular school year. Therefore, daily attendance is required. Any student who misses more than 2 days per semester course (1 day for Driver Education) will NOT receive credit for that semester course.  Special consideration cannot be extended for Summer School attendance.

Final Exams

In consultation with the Summer School Principal team, course teams will reach a consensus to select one of the following options to be completed during the final day(s) of each semester:

- Administer a final exam to assess a student’s understanding of essential course content.

- Design a culminating experience such as a presentation, project, or paper to assess a student’s understanding of essential course content.

- Eliminate a final exam or culminating project/presentation and continue coursework.

There will be no exemptions from culminating experiences/exams in Summer School.  All students, regardless of the course grade in school and letter grade in the class, will be required to attend class on the final day of the semester and complete culminating experiences/exams should the course team select one of those options. Final exams are scheduled from 8:15 am - 12:45 pm on the last day of each semester. Students may be dismissed early on this day if their culminating experiences / exams are complete. Students will remain on campus until at least 10:30 am on this day.


All students are to be in attendance when the period begins at 8:15 am. Any student who arrives after 8:15 am but before 8:30 am will be marked tardy. Five (5) accumulated tardies are to be treated as an absence. A student who continues to show up tardy thereafter may be dropped from class at the discretion of the Summer School administration.


Students who are taking courses for credit will receive the same type of grades as given during the regular school year.

Withdrawing From A Course

Students may withdraw from a course within the first ten days of class. If a student withdraws during this time, the course will not appear on the student’s transcript. If a student withdraws from a course after ten days, the course will be listed on the student transcript as a withdrawal. Students who are absent more than two days during a semester of Summer School will automatically be withdrawn from a Summer School course. If a student's third absence occurs after the tenth day of class, the course will be listed on the student transcript as a withdrawal.

Discipline Policies

All disciplinary policies will apply as outlined in the District 128 Student Handbook.

Special Services

Students requiring accommodations due to an IEP or 504 Plan should contact their case manager prior to enrolling in Summer School.