Summer School Classes

2019 Summer School Courses

The courses listed in the 2019 Summer School Curriculum Guide (linked below) will be offered June 4 through July 25 if a sufficient number of students enroll.  Depending on enrollment, multiple sections of some these courses may be added at the discretion of the Summer School administration.

2019 Summer School Curriculum Guide

If you're looking for a condensed version of the Curriculum Guide (w/ course dates and fees but not descriptions), you may wish to access the link below:

2019 SS Courses & Calendar

2019 Summer Enrichment Courses

Once again, D128 is excited to offer several enrichment courses in 2019!  The course titles and descriptions can be found in the Guide posted above.  Each course will be 2 weeks in length. Students WILL NOT receive D128 credit or a grade for these courses - their purpose is strictly for enrichment.