COVID-19 Metrics and Dashboard

The Community High School District 128 “Culture of Care” COVID-19 Response Plan underscores a core value that guides every member of the D128 school community—caring for ourselves and for one another to promote a safe and healthy learning environment. The plan is aligned with the goal set by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC): “ protect the health of students, teachers, and staff so that in-person learning can resume as safely as possible,” as stated by IDPH Director Dr. Ngozi Ezike.

District 128 actively monitors and reviews health, safety, and resource metrics to assist in guiding this response plan, in particular:

  • Community Transmission:  The most recent case rate and test percent positivity data will be used to determine the community transmission level of COVID-19
  • Vaccination Coverage:  The estimated percentage of people who have received the COVID-19 vaccine
  • Testing:  Screening testing identifies infected people, with or without symptoms, who may be contagious, so that measures can be taken to prevent further transmission
  • Outbreaks:  A COVID-19 outbreak indicates potentially extensive transmission within a setting or organization

Sources: IDPH, Lake County Health Dept. and Northwestern Medicine

The D128 COVID-19 Dashboard is updated daily on school days with available COVID-19-related data reported for District 128 staff members and students at Libertyville High School and Vernon Hills High School. The charts show data collected by District 128 for the following: 

  • New Positive Test Results – Number of students and staff in District 128 schools who have tested positive for the COVID-19 infection (individuals identified as close contacts have been notified)
  • New School-related Quarantines – Number of students and staff in District 128 schools who are excluded from in-person school due to exposure to COVID-19 at school