ALF: Activities for Lifetime Fitness

Activities for Lifetime Fitness assesses current levels of individual fitness and instructs on the knowledge and skills to develop an individualized fitness plan. Students will receive instruction in the essential skills and strategies in a variety of fitness and recreational activities. They will use these activities as a means to improve and/or maintain various aspects of their health-related fitness. These activities will include but are not limited to basketball, soccer, flicker ball, team handball, volleyball and softball. Students will also participate in individual fitness activities that promote cardiovascular fitness and strength. These activities will include but are not limited to: 

  • Circuit Training includes a combination of running and strength activities. Sprinting, jogging, jumping rope, calisthenics, and strength band exercises are among the activities in which students will be participating. 
  • Distance Running is for those students who enjoy this activity for fitness. Students will use runs (both on and off campus) of at least 1.5 miles for cardiovascular training. Participants are expected to dress for outdoor weather. 
  • Fitness Center students will choose cardio activities in the form of stationary biking, treadmill, U.B.E. and/or strength activities on individual selectorized machines. 
  • Interval Training uses running for short distances and repeat training with regulated rest intervals to improve fitness. The activities in this unit also include plyometrics, jump rope work, and agility exercises. This class may be indoors or outdoors. 
  • Group Exercise: Aerobic Dance, Calisthenics, Pilates, Dance Revolution, etc. In all the above Polar Heart Rate Technology will be used to teach about perceived exertion, as well as individualized evaluation of intensity during participation in individual fitness, dual sport, and team activities. 


Denise Caton

Brooke Gabris

Shona Moeller