Report an Absence

To Report an Absence

  • Please Call: (847) 932-2400  English / Español

Parent Responsibilities When a Student is Absent:

Contact Mrs. De La Garza in the LST before 10:00AM. Absences not cleared within a 24-hour period may result in an unathorized status. Parents may call the attendance clerk prior to 7:30AM and leave the following information:

  • Student's first and last name (spelled out) or the students ID#
  • Date of the absence(s).
  • Reason for the absence.
  • Your name and relationship to the student.
  • Daytime phone number where parent may be contacted to verify the call.

To Report a Pre-Arranged Absence

Please call the attendance hotline (847-932-2400) and inform the school of the date(s) the student will be absent on the date(s) the student is missing school.

Have the student complete the Pre-Arranged Absence form and turn it in to the attendance office. The form is available at the link below, as well as in the LST and attendance offices.

To Contact a Counselor, Dean or Social Worker