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VHHS Bands Greatest Hits

The VHHS Bands, under the direction of Randy Sundell, Drew Russell, Benjamin Voigt, and student teacher Kevin Acuna, are proud to present the Spring Concert Playlist:

Wind Ensemble
Molly on the Shore - In person
Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral

Symphonic Band
Frozen II - In person

Concert Band
American Riversongs, Movement 1
Down by the Salley Gardens - In Person

Compilation - Hawthorn Schools (Directors Terri Plohr & Pat Cantagallo) and VHHS
The Mandalorian

VHHS Art Presents:  Memory Project Portrait

We are passionate about breaking barriers and uniting youth from different cultures as part of our district's DARING mission.  This spring 26 VHHS art students in Allison Molloy's Drawing & Painting Studio classes put their passion and artistic skills into rendering portraits for children in India who live in foster families, as they have been disconnected from their birth parents at some point early-on in their childhood. 

Through a partnership with The Memory Project, who has paired with these foster mothers that care for these children, we aim to help offer these children both hope and global connections.  Our funding of The Memory Project through participating in creating artwork helps provide these children with food, education, and seeds for a positive future. VHHS students participated in creating these portraits as outreach to offer these children kindness, respect, encouragement, and joy.  You can view a video about these children at this link (https://vimeo.com/490495027).

The Institute Poster  
VHHS Musical Presents:  The Institute

The students of Vernon Hills High School wrote the script, songbook, and filmed their own musical, "The Institute," and it is so amazing we are making available via streaming absolutely free!

Streaming ON DEMAND Now: FREE
Cast/Crew Program 
You Tube Promo Video

The Orchesis Poster-Home  
VHHS Orchesis Presents:  Home

VHHS' Orchesis Dance Company recently released a video of their student and staff choreographed show "Home." The show is titled "home" as a celebration of the first year in the new dance studio at VHHS. Since the school has opened, the Orchesis Dance company has shared spaces with athletics and fine arts, and their level of talent and creativity made gaining a true "home" long overdue.

Streaming ON DEMAND Now: FREE
Cast/Crew Program 

Cabaret and A cappella watch party poster










Cabaret and Acappella Watch Party

Cabaret Video
Soundcloud Playlist