LIFE-Nutrition and Fitness

The students will incorporate hands on laboratory experiences that promote healthy behavior management aimed at achieving personal goals. This concept will be accomplished by establishing a relationship on how nutrition fuels the body for fitness. We will prepare our students to make greater good for their own lifestyle by giving them the ability to create healthy habits for the rest of their lives. We will allow them to pursue a variety of experiences by engaging in a variety of opportunities, reflect on progress, and apply these experiences to their everyday life. (decision making, self awareness, self management, etc.) We will help build their confidence in learning new concepts of health and nutrition.  We will help them develop strategies to support their personal goals in health and nutrition to lead an active, healthy, and balanced lifestyle. We will actively help them explore options to think and move creatively.  To have a lasting influence on one's overall well being.  This will be accomplished through self assessment of program designs and implementation of those designs. They will be able to explore fitness and nutrition is a variety of ways. We hope to foster an atmosphere where students learn to appreciate and respect different lifestyles.