Strength and Conditioning 

Strength and Conditioning:

is a repeatable course offered to students who are interested in improving their strength and cardiovascular fitness through high intensity training. Since the course includes high intensity weight training and aerobic activity, students with any pre-existing medical condition that would limit them from performing at advanced levels of strength and endurance training, or performing any of the core strength tests (1 repetition max of the Bench Press, Power Cleans, and Squats) do not qualify for this course. Students will set individual goals, and these goals will be frequently assessed using a variety of cardiovascular and strength related tests. Students enrolled in this class will not be permitted to exempt from physical education at any time during the semester.

Strength and Conditioning II:

Strength and Conditioning II is a higher level strength and conditioning course that will build upon the foundation of skills and information learned in Strength Training I (SC I) and Crossfit. It will involve students performing various lifts and exercises that they have learned previously and will build upon them.  Students will be able to utilize all of the information they have learned in all of their physical welfare classes and implement them into their individualized strength training program.  There will be a culminating project where students will be able to show what they have learned within the course.



David Schroetter

Corey Atwell

Allison Kotlinksi