Boys Water Polo

Upcoming Events:

  1. On 3/10 at 7pm: Pre-Season Athlete + Parent Meeting (Zoom - link)
  2. Offical Start Date: 3/15 at 4pm. Meet up stairs in the pool balcony. We will not be getting in the water the first day.
    1. Our first actual practice is 3/16 at 6:15am - 7:45am. Bring swim suit, towel, googles, mask, and a filled water bottle(the fountain is off).
  3. Here is the calendar.
    1. JV games start at 5pm(unless otherwise noted) - bus leaves at 4pm at the Bus pickup/drop off Circle Area. 
    2. Varsity at 6pm(unless otherwise noted) - bus leaves at 4:30pm at the Bus pickup/drop off Circle Area.
    3. Practices are either 6:15 to 7:45am or 4-6pm. We want to add weight-room as well, but those are TBD and for varsity only.
  4. If you are returning from last year: you will get your suit and t-shirt (if you paid for it)
  5. Otherwise if you are new or did not pay, a swim suit and shirt will run $45. We will send out more information soon.


2017 Varsity