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Community Education Program

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Program Contact Info:

diane.phillips@d128.org or teresa.palaggi@d128.org

or call 847-247-4575

Fall 2022 Community Education Program Update

  • Registration for Com Ed 128 Fall 2022 classes is currently taking place.
  • Catalogs were mailed Monday, August 8, 2022.
  • During the Fall Community Education term there will be 224 classes to choose from - 148 classes will be offered in-person at either Libertyville High School or Vernon Hills High School, 16 classes will be offered off-site at businesses that will also follow social distancing guidelines and 60 classes will be offered “Live Online”. 
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the D128 Community Education Program is following Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) guidance and is "recommending" anyone participating in a program that takes place in a District 128 building to wear a face mask at all times and practice 3-foot social distancing from each other whenever possible.  Click here to view the most up to date District 128 Culture of Care Comprehensive Plan.
  • Plus we have over 1,300 online courses and certificate programs in varied content areas for career and personal, professional and advanced career development through our partnerships with Education to Go and UGOTClass
  • Our classes primarily provide educational and personal growth opportunities for learners age 16 and above, but we also offer youth and family classes. 

District 128 Community Education Program
upcoming classes through October 2022

Date Class title  


9/30/2022 Glass Blowing: Make 2 Shot or Rocks Glasses (Peter Patterson Glass Works)  
10/3/2022 Calligraphy 110 Dip Pen (VHHS)  
10/6/2022 Ways with Watercolor Live Online  
10/6/2022 Crash Course - Cha Cha into Salsa - Singles and Couples (VHHS)  
10/13/2022 Paint and Create Party Birch Trees (LHS)  
10/14/2022 Make Your Own Glass Pumpkin (Peter Patterson Glass Works)  
10/18/2022 Hot Glass Sculpting (Peter Patterson Glass Works)  
10/21/2022 Knitting Advanced: Simple Fair Isle Hat (VHHS)  
10/21/2022 Knitting Advanced: Socks (VHHS)  
10/26/2022 Sewing Advanced (VHHS)  


10/3/2022 Discovering Chocolate Hands On (VHHS)  
10/4/2022 Basic Kitchen Knife Skills Hands On (VHHS)  
10/6/2022 BBQ and Grilling Hands On (VHHS)  
10/7/2022 Learn to Make Fresh Pasta Hands On (VHHS)  
10/10/2022 Homemade Yogurt & Granola Hands On (VHHS)  
10/11/2022 Fresh Made Cannoli (tony cannoli specialty pastries)  
10/11/2022 Chicken Adobo Live Online  
10/12/2022 Intro to Instant Pot: What Do I Do with This Thing? Demo (VHHS)  
10/12/2022 Finger Food Entertaining Hands On (VHHS)  
10/13/2022 Halloween Cookie Decorating Hands On (VHHS)  
10/19/2022 Fun with Puff Pastry Hands On (VHHS)  
10/20/2022 Breakfast Baking Demo (VHHS)  
10/22/2022 Make-Ahead Holiday Appetizers Demo (VHHS)  
10/24/2022 Sourdough 101 Hands On (VHHS)  
10/26/2022 Bone Broth - Good Eats for Great Health Demo (VHHS)  
10/27/2022 Halloween Cupcake Decorating Live Online  
10/29/2022 Cheese Making Introduction Hands On (Perfect Brewing Supply)  

Finance, Real Estate and Law

9/29/2022 Relying on Your 401(k) or IRA for Guaranteed Retirement Income Live Online  
10/11/2022 Protecting Your Business: Keys for Success and Transitions (LHS)  
10/11/2022 Elder Law Primer Live Online  
10/13/2022 Blueprint to Position Your Retirement in the 0% Tax Bracket (VHHS)  
10/17/2022 Buying Rental Property Live Online  
10/18/2022 All About Your Property Taxes. Are You Paying Too Much? (LHS)  
10/20/2022 Sellers: The Benefits of a Home Inspection/Appraisal Before You Go To Market (LHS)  
10/26/2022 Volatility Shielding - 4 Ways to Deal with Risk (VHHS)  

Health, Wellness and Fitness

10/11/2022 You Don't Need to Live With Knee Pain (VHHS)  
10/12/2022 Self-Care for Graceful Aging (LHS)  

Special Interest


Meets weekly on Tuesdays; New members welcome anytime

Civil Air Patrol Lake County Composite Squadron 12 yrs and Over (LHS)  
9/29/2022 Advanced Marine Navigation (LHS)  
10/1/2022 Wilderness First Aid NOLS and REI (VHHS)  
10/3/2022 America's Boating Course (6 Sessions) (LHS)  
10/3/2022 Crime Prevention, Personal Safety and Security Strategies (VHHS)  
10/8/2022 New Date! Wilderness First Responder Recertification with NOLS and REI (VHHS)  
10/11/2022 Makeup Tips and Techniques (VHHS)  
10/11/2022 Making The Most of your Herbal Harvest (VHHS)  
10/11/2022 The Life of Alex Trebek (VHHS)  
10/12/2022 Heartsaver - First Aid Basics (LHS)  
10/12/2022 Cruising and Cruise Planning (LHS)  
10/15/2022 Bees and Beekeeping Apprentice Beekeeper Live Online  
10/16/2022 Squarepusher Sundays - Board Games (VHHS)  
10/19/2022 Fire Safety for Your Home: Tools and Prevention (VHHS)  
10/19/2022 Heartsaver First Aid and CPR/AED - Combined (LHS)  
10/20/2022 Growing and Using Mushrooms (VHHS)  
10/27/2022 Getting Paid to Talk: A Behind-The-Scenes Look at Professional Voice Acting Live Online  
10/29/29 Shorthand Continued (VHHS)  


10/2/2022 Microsoft Word: The Very Basics for PC Users Live Online  
10/4/2022 Enjoy Navigating Your Windows 10 Computer For PC Users Live Online  
10/6/2022 eBay Selling for Beginners Live Online  
10/9/2022 Getting More Out Of Microsoft Word for PC Users Live Online  
10/12/2022 Getting To Know Your Apple iPhone Live Online  
10/18/2022 Computer Scams, And What Not To Click On! For PC Users Live Online  
10/23/2022 Computer Help For The Almost Absolute Beginner Live Online  
10/26/2022 An Introduction to Android Phones and Tablets (LHS)  

Youth and Family

10/22/2022 Kids Culinary FUN-da-mentals, Kitchen Tools PhD and COOL-inary Confidence Hands On (VHHS)  


Online Partnerships

Over 390 classes

Advanced Career Development

Instructor-led sessions begin 10/12 and 11/16/2022; Self-paced classes start anytime.

Here is a sample of a few courses available:

  • Residential Interior Designer

  • Digital Marketing Strategist

  • Corporate Event Planner

  • Information Security


Over 840 classes

Career and Personal Development

Instructor-led sessions be 10/12 and 11/16/2022; Self-paced classes start anytime.

Here is a sample of a few courses available:

  • Achieving Top Search Engine Positions

  • 12 Steps to a Successful Job Search 

  • Discover Sign Language

  • Adobe Illustrator CC


Over 120 classes

Professional Development

Sessions begin 10/3 and 11/7/2022.

Here is a sample of a few of the courses available: 

  • Writing News and Press Releases

  • Introduction to Data Analysis

  • Podcasting

  • Google Analytics