Community High School District 128 staff members, student teachers, and contracted individuals regularly take photographs and video footage of students throughout the school year as they participate in school activities events and during the regular school day.  The photos are used in District 128 publications (ePaw Prints, curriculum guides, etc.), promotional materials, student publications (newspapers, yearbooks), student teacher evaluations, and on the District website and social media.  Photos are sometimes shared with local newspapers for use in their printed publications and online editions.  Members of the local media often attend special events/presentations and take photos of students as well.  Video footage is used for a variety of media presentations shown at the schools and posted on the District webpage and social media pages.  Unless a parent has selected the "Opt Out" option , it is understood that District 128 has permission to photograph or video record a student and use the photos and videos as detailed above.  THIS INCLUDES YEARBOOK, TEAM AND ACTIVITY GROUP PHOTOS.  The "Opt Out" option is available during the PowerSchool online registration process.