Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: If my child misses a lesson are there make up lessons?

A: No, we hope the children can attend all their lessons, but we do not have a make up day.

Q: Can I change lesson times for my child?

A: No, since the lessons fill up there is not room for you to move your child when you have a conflict.

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: Bring a suit and a towel. Locker rooms and showers are available for changing. Goggles are optional, unless they become a distraction to the lesson (ie: the child keeps climbing out to go have mom or dad help them adjust the goggles).

Q: Where do parents sit during lessons?

A: Parents may sit in the balcony during the lessons. If you notice that your child focuses on you more that the instructor then go ahead and move to a location in another part of the balcony.

Q: Where is the pool located in the building?

A: Enter the building at its Northwest corner. If you park in the north lot next to the lake you will see a sidewalk that winds its way into the building. That is the pool entrance.

The following classes are available:

  1. Child Non-Swimmer (4 and up)
    This class is for anyone who cannot swim, regardless of familiarity with water. We will teach basic skills and allow the children to progress as quickly as possible. Class time 35 minutes.
  2. Child Progressive (4 and up)
    Progressive children are those who can swim at least as well as Level 2. We will teach all of the skills listed on our scoring chart as students improve. Class time 35 minutes.
  3. Child Advanced (6 and up)
    Advanced children should be ready to learn stroke technique as well as strengthen all four competitive strokes. Class time 40 minutes.

All classes are taught and graded as follows:

Level 1 (Non-Swimmer)

  • 10 nonstop bobs with eyes open and fully exhaling
  • Front / back float for 10 seconds or able to swim 5 ft. unassisted
  • Jump into pool unassisted

Level 2 (Non-Swimmer)

  • Swim 15 feet on front and15 ft on back
  • Kneeling dive
  • 25 controlled nonstop bobs

Level 3 (Progressive)

  • Swim 30 ft freestyle with relaxed motion
  • Swim 30 ft on back

Level 4 (Progressive)

  • Jumping into deep and swim 1/2 pool length
  • Treading water 30 seconds
  • Standing dive

Level 5 (Progressive)

  • 25 yard freestyle with good breathing
  • 25 yard elementary backstroke
  • 25 yard backstroke

Level 6 (Advanced)

  • 50 yard freestyle
  • 50 yard backstroke
  • 25 yard breaststroke
  • Survival float