Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: If my child misses a lesson are there make up lessons?

A: No, we hope the children can attend all their lessons, but we do not have a make up day.

Q: Can I change lesson times for my child?

A: No, since the lessons fill up there is not room for you to move your child when you have a conflict.

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: Bring a suit and a towel. Locker rooms and showers are available for changing. Goggles are optional, unless they become a distraction to the lesson (ie: the child keeps climbing out to go have mom or dad help them adjust the goggles).

Q: Where do parents sit during lessons?

A: Parents may go upstairs to sit in the balcony during the lessons. If you notice that your child focuses on you more than the instructor, then go ahead and move to a location in another part of the balcony.

Q: Where is the pool located in the building?

A:  You may enter the pool parking lot off of 176 just west of the school's main entrance.  (If you enter the school's main entrance, follow the road all the way around the school to the southwest side of the building.)  There is parking by the pool entrance as well as extra parking on the west side of the building.  Enter the doors on the southwest side of the building.  

Q: What is the pool temperature?

A: The pool temperature is kept at 80 degrees.

Q: Who are the teachers?

A: The teachers are students from Libertyville and Vernon Hills High School.

Q: What is the student to teacher ratio?

A: We do our best to keep the ratio at 3:1 for younger swimmers and 5:1 for older swimmers.

Classes are all 30 minutes in length.

All classes are taught and graded as follows:


Station 1: Water Acclimation (shallow) -10 Bobs with blowing out -Starfish float stomach 10 sec -Starfish float back 10 sec -Push off the wall on stomach -Push off the wall on back -Jumping in the water 

Station 2: Body Positioning (shallow) -Streamline with bubbles on stomach 3 yards -Streamline on back 3 yards -Superman kick on stomach 5 yards -Superman kick on back 5 yards -Sit dive -Jump in with cloths on and self rescue 

Station 3: Backstroke (shallow to deep) -Head position -PB n J arms -Opposite Arms -Backstroke arm and kicks for 15 yards -Kneel Dive 

Station 4: Freestyle (15 yards each) (shallow to deep) -Windmill arms -Side kicking -Side kicking blowing bubbles and breathing to the side -Pull and Breathe -Lunge Dive -Jump in with cloths on and self rescue 

Station 5: Breaststroke -25 yards free -25 yards back -Breaststroke arms with flutter kick 20 yards -Superman Breaststroke kick 20 yards -Swim Breaststroke 25 yards -Squat dive in 

Station 6: Butterfly -25 Freestyle -25 Backstroke -25 Breaststroke -20 yards fly kick -20 yards fly arms with freestyle kick -20 yards butterfly -Racing start -Jump in deep end with cloths on off of board and self rescue