Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: If my child misses a lesson are there make up lessons?

A: No, we hope the children can attend all their lessons, but we do not have a make up day.

Q: Can I change lesson times for my child?

A: No, since the lessons fill up there is not room for you to move your child when you have a conflict.

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: Bring a suit and a towel. Locker rooms and showers are available for changing. Goggles are optional, unless they become a distraction to the lesson (ie: the child keeps climbing out to go have mom or dad help them adjust the goggles).

Q: Where do parents sit during lessons?

A: Parents may sit in the balcony during the lessons. If you notice that your child focuses on you more that the instructor then go ahead and move to a location in another part of the balcony.

Q: Where is the pool located in the building?

A: Enter the building at its Northwest corner. If you park in the north lot next to the lake you will see a sidewalk that winds its way into the building. That is the pool entrance.

Q: What is the pool temperature?

A: The pool temperature is kept at 80 degrees.

Q: Who are the teachers?

A: The teachers are students from Libertyville and Vernon Hills High School.

Q: What is the student to teacher ratio?

A: We do our best to keep the ratio at 3:1 for younger swimmers and 5:1 for older swimmers.

Classes are all 30 minutes in length.

All classes are taught and graded as follows:


Station 1: Water Acclimation (shallow) -10 Bobs with blowing out -Starfish float stomach 10 sec -Starfish float back 10 sec -Push off the wall on stomach -Push off the wall on back -Jumping in the water 

Station 2: Body Positioning (shallow) -Streamline with bubbles on stomach 3 yards -Streamline on back 3 yards -Superman kick on stomach 5 yards -Superman kick on back 5 yards -Sit dive -Jump in with cloths on and self rescue 

Station 3: Backstroke (shallow to deep) -Head position -PB n J arms -Opposite Arms -Backstroke arm and kicks for 15 yards -Kneel Dive 

Station 4: Freestyle (15 yards each) (shallow to deep) -Windmill arms -Side kicking -Side kicking blowing bubbles and breathing to the side -Pull and Breathe -Lunge Dive -Jump in with cloths on and self rescue 

Station 5: Breaststroke -25 yards free -25 yards back -Breaststroke arms with flutter kick 20 yards -Superman Breaststroke kick 20 yards -Swim Breaststroke 25 yards -Squat dive in 

Station 6: Butterfly -25 Freestyle -25 Backstroke -25 Breaststroke -20 yards fly kick -20 yards fly arms with freestyle kick -20 yards butterfly -Racing start -Jump in deep end with cloths on off of board and self rescue