College Representative Visits

What are College Representative Visits?

Libertyville High School hosts representatives from more than 275 colleges and universities from around the United States and internationally each year. This year, college rep visits will be virtual and will be held before and after school. After welcoming you into the Zoom room, the college reps will typically offer a short presentation about their schools and then answer any questions Libertyville High School students may have. The environment is casual; college representatives are here to provide information about their school, not to interview you. The visits are scheduled for 30 minutes each, though you may chat longer if schedules allow. This year, visits will begin the week of Labor Day and end in early November.

College reps work in the admissions office of the college or university so quite often the person you meet at these visits is the one who will read and review your application. By meeting the college rep, you are able to ask specific questions about the school and demonstrate your interest in attending that college or university. Learning more about you and your interests will be invaluable to your college admissions rep as they review your application.

Who may attend College Representative Visits?

After obtaining their teacher’s permission, Seniors and Juniors may be excused from class to attend in-person and virtual college rep visits. Please see the procedure for sign up below.

If you would like to visit with a College Rep, please follow this procedure:

  1. Sign up for the college visit you are interested in via Naviance:
  2. Sign into Naviance using your Single Sign On (access Naviance through the LHS bookmarks towards the left on your bookmark bar).
  3. Click on Colleges>Research Colleges>College Visits.
  4. Click on Register next to the college visit in which you are interested.
  5. If you are missing a class, let your teacher know at least one day in advance that you will be attending the college visit. You are responsible for making up any work that you  missed. Do not miss a test, presenation or other important class session.
  6. Bring your ID to scan into the CRC when you arrive.

If you are attending a virtual visit, come to the CRC with your Chromebook and earbuds. Attendance will be taken in the CRC. You can then join the virtual meeting with earbuds and Chromebook.

If you cannot attend a college rep visit, feel free to stop by at the beginning or end of the visit to briefly meet the rep and pick up literature. Students can also meet college reps at the college fairs held in the evening during the fall at other locations. College rep visits are intended for student attendance only; please no parent attendance.


Calendar for College Rep Visits - Check out who is visiting us this year! Click on the visit for more information.