Tips for a Successful Campus Visit

  1. Make it official.
    • Organize your visit and tour through the admission office.
    • Try to visit when campus classes are in session. 
  2. Take the lead! 
    • Ask your own questions, show your independence, take charge!
  3. Get organized and prepare. 
    • Consider what you want to see and learn. 
  4. Divide and conquer. 
    • While you are visiting with current students or an admission rep, your parents can speak with the financial aid office or tour independently.
  5. Feel the vibe!
    • If your parents left you there, are you excited to be there or are you running after the car? 
  6. Attend a class, if available.
    • How do students interact with the professor?
    • Measure your comfort level.
  7. Check out the school's social media or pick up a campus newspaper.
    • What are the big issues on campus? What are students talking about?
  8. Look beyond the campus.
    • Ask current students how and where they spend their time off campus.
    • What is the favorite restaurant(s) or shopping areas that students frequent?
  9. Complete the Visit Evaluation!
    • After your visit, say your thanks.
  10. After the Visit
  • Before leaving campus, take 5-10 minutes of quiet time to take notes and process all you've learned. Trust how you feel.
  • When you're in the car, be the first to recap your visit. 


​Can't make it to campus? Try a Virtual College Visit!

You can do a virtual visit at campuses in the United States and around the world by watching campus tours on the college websites or on specific sites that offer a variety of campus tour videos:

For another look at a bird's eye view of life on a college campus, Google "A day in the life at XYZ college". Explore student content shared on social media and/or YouTube.