All Students

A big Cougar THANK YOU to all of you who donated to the Dare to Empower Club’s toiletry drive to help the homeless.  1st Presbyterian Church of Libertyville and St. Mary of Vernon Catholic Church were the recipients of your boxes of toiletries.  A special thanks goes out to Mrs. Dovel, Mrs. Gallivan and Ms. Teglia for their HUGE contribution!  Thanks again!  (Dircks 3/13)

Today is the day!  Pick up a copy of TSP’s March Issue in the foyer during your lunch periods or at one of the newsstands around the school.  If you complete the questionnaire for the issue, then you’ll have a chance to win a gift card!  Don’t miss it!.  (Phillips 3/13)

Please note – On Thursday, March 19th, the ARC will be located in the library (LMC).  Any student needing help from a tutor or teacher can check in to the library, and will be directed to the area reserved for ARC students.  This will be the location for the entire day, including before school.  After school, the ARC will be in its regular location.  (Schwartz 3/19)

One small thing we can do to help the environment is to unplug things you’re not using from the outlet.  If you have a cord plugged in, it is still using electricity which wastes power.  VH20 will meet the next Wednesday AFTER Spring Break if you want to learn more about what VHHS is doing to help the planet.  (Greenawalt 3/13)