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Fall 2020 eSchool Update:

All links, docs, & info can be found in each course's Google Classroom. Contact or call 847-932-2161 to get the join code.

Contact Information
Office Phone: (847) 932-2161

Selected Tracks from recent concerts:

Men's Chorus - Dans Les Chantiers
Treble Choir - Las Amarillas
Chamber Choir - Words
Concert Choir - A Lesson From Hillel (composed by Dr. Crowle, former VHHS Accompanist)


Men's Chorus - Carrickfergus
Treble Choir - Sto Mi e Milo
Chamber Choir - Psalm 96
Concert Choir - My Spirit Sang All Day


Men's Chorus - geographical_fugue_-_toch.mp3
Treble Choir - dominic_has_a_doll_-_persichetti.mp3
Treble/Men's - the_heavens_are_telling_-_haydn.mp3
Chamber Choir - nun_danket_alle_gott_-_pachelbel.mp3
Concert Choir - tu_es_petrus_-_palestrina.mp3


Men's Chorus - its_the_most_wonderful_time.mp3
Treble Choir - this_little_babe.mp3
Chamber Choir - lullay_my_liking.mp3
Concert Choir - little_tree.mp3