Program Philosophy

The Vernon Hills basketball program philosophy begins with the understanding that coaching is more important than winning. The players that we see in the gym are also students, family members, and friends to many. The coaching staff must encourage and foster the desire to learn not only the game of basketball, but also assist players as they learn to navigate through life. 

Program Goals

  1. Improve the basketball skills of the players in the program
  2. Improve as a team as the season progresses
  3. Expose players to life lessons via basketball
  4. Make sure the players have an enjoyable experience
  5. Win

Team Goals

  1. Compete to win in practice everyday
  2. Play with passion on the defensive end. Excitement is contagious!
  3. Survive and Advance in the state tournament
  4. Have no excuses. We have what it takes to win
  5. No code violations. No detentions. Have great character on and off the court

It takes a TEAM to win a game

  1. Teams that play hard will defend, run the floor, and rebound
  2. Teams that play smart take high percentage shots, understand time and score, are organized, and have players that understand their roles
  3. Teams that play together communicate with each other, know the offensive and defensive systems, and insist on a great team effort at all times

By incorporating this philosophy, a Vernon Hills basketball player should be prepared and ready to execute the skills necessary to excel on and off the court