Attendance Concerns

Attendance FAQ:

  1. Notes from parents will not be accepted, absences must be cleared with a phone call to the attendance office: 847-932-2400.  You may leave a message on the attendance line 24 hours a day. Voicemail is retrieved throughout the school day.
  2. Absences will not show up in PowerSchool immediately.  All attendance calls will be entered into PowerSchool as quickly as possible and in the order they are received.  All attendance will be updated in PowerSchool by the end of the day.
  3. Parents/legal guardians must call before 10:00 am for full/partial absences.
  4. Please call in advance of picking up your son or daughter.  if you have already called your student out for a specific time your student can go directly to the main entrance (security desk) and scan out with their student ID. 
  5. If your student is coming in late, please call the attendance line to notify us of the late arrival. Please have your student scan in at the main entrance (security desk) when they arrive to school.  You will not need to come into the building to sign them in.
  6. Students that are 18 may not call themselves out of school.
  7. If you know your son/daughter will be missing school in advance please contact his/her teachers directly to obtain missing assignments. A parent/legal guardian will still be required to call the attendance office.
  8. VHHS, in keeping with section 26-2A of the Illinois School Code considers the following circumstances to be valid causes for a student's absence:
  • Legitimate Illness.
  • Observance of religious holidays.
  • Death in the immediate family.
  • Dental/Doctor appointments that could not be scheduled outside of school hours.
  • Other reasons approved by the VHHS administration.
  1. Illinois School Code allows students to miss 10 days per semester. Any absence after 10 days will require documentation or will be left unexcused.
  2. Students are always encouraged to bring in documentation to verify a dental/doctor appointment.  If a medical note is received the absence will not count as one of the States maximum 10 approved absences.  Please ask for a Doctor’s note at the time of the appointment and ask your student to bring it back to school and take it to the Nurse’s office.