Cougar Cycling Club

Next Ride: Our next ride is this Sunday 10/23 from 1pm to 3pm. Meet you at the front doors for a fun 2 hour trail ride!

Cycling Club will be meeting Sunday August 28th at 10am for a introductory one hour bike ride! Meet at the front doors of the high school. Bring any kind of bike, a helmet, and a friend. We'll ride and have fun. Email with any questions.

Make sure to have a parents waiver! Cycling_Club_Parent_Permission_Form.doc

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Last year we had a blast with biking to the lake, biking to the bagel shop, biking to LHS, biking around VHHS, and biking all over Vernon Hills! This year (2014/2015) we hope to expand our biking and expand our group! Everyone is welcome, no bike necessary. If you do not have a bike, we have a couple extra that you can borrow, but reservations are first come, first serve. If you have a bike, but need help making it work well, all students get free lessons on how to repair your own bike (for free)!

Club Activities

  1. Cycling - in small to large groups (indoor, outdoor - mostly bike paths, or sidewalks)
  2. Annual Chariety Bike Ride (Date & Chariety - TBA)
  3. Learning basic to advanced bicycle Maintenance
    • How to clean a bike, how to change a flat tire, etc.
  4. Learning basic to advanced bicycle techniques and training
    • Students will learn valuable knowledge about position, handling, and effects of proper training.
  5. Learning and promoting safety on the road
    • The students will learn how to safely travel while cycling and “bike friendly” roads and sidewalks.
  6. Promoting cycling awareness and advocacy
    • Being active in promoting cycling in our community.
    • Offer a teach young children how to bike clinic(s)