The Butler Lake Auditorium is one of the largest school facilities in the area. The Auditorium stage is 60 feet wide, and 30 feet deep. The proscenium opening is 18 feet high, and we have a fly space of 120% (21.6 Feet).

The rigging system was upgraded to current specifications in the summer of 1997. Aircraft cables on each batten were replaced and nylon ropes were installed for the hand ropes. New stage curtains and a fire curtain were installed; they are the first replacement curtains since the opening of the auditorium in the early 1970s.

This is the fly rail for the Auditorium counterweight system. There are 32 battens, starting at #1 being the Grand Curtain (farthest downstage), and #29 being the Sky Drop (farthest upstage). In between battens 18 & 19 is a winch used to lift heavy objects. Four battens are electrics. There are also four travellers, four borders, and four sets of legs.