Congratulations to all who auditioned! It is AWESOME to see so much talent come through auditioning for these two shows!


Air Guitar High

Congrats to all! You're all stars. The first rehearsal for AGH is Friday from 3:30-5:45pm in the Studio Theatre    
CABLE Audrey Clemens / Izzy Rudolphi
LINDY Lucy Randolph / Marcie Wright 
LIL  Maddy McLean  
JERICHO Reeve Lounsbury  
HOPS Bryce Carl  
THE VOICE Alena Dzrerozynski / Avery Dulak
SKID Katherine Fosmoen  
FLIP Alyssa Rodriguez  
STELLAR Emily McLean  
SUPER Katarina Denkovski  
PRESCOTT Grant Klimek / Jake Pavlik 
REV Cris Montero / Mark Tu 
MARVEL Bailey Max  
ROGUE Kegan Collins  
ENSEMBLE: Amanda Sekili  
  Bethany Klemp  
  David Joseph  
  Ella Kozlowski  
  Hazle Purvis  
  Ivy Shafer  

Jazmine Block-Terson

  Regan McCane  
  Sarah Wu  


Student Directors Eli McEwan  
  Gilbert Ferguson  
Stage Manager: Kate Gerber  
ASM: Maeve Devaney  
Lead Paint: Ambika Trivedi  
Light Board: Bella Perkins  
Sound Board: Tristan Powers   
Media Head:  TBA  
Dramaturg: Lauren Koot  
Props Master: TBA



Romeo and Juliet: Dramatis Personae

Escalus, princess of Verona Michelle Hogarty
Lord Capulet Albert Sterner
Lady Capulet Jess Schrag
Juliet Capulet Grace Dillon
Nurse to Juliet Kelsey Collins
Lord Montague Matthew Pavlik
Lady Montague Sarah Donofrio
Romeo Montague Jason Sekili
Friar Laurence Will Anderson
Mercutio, kinsman to the princess Andrew Benoit
Benvolio, nephew to Montague Gracie Benson
Tybalt, niece to Lady Capulet Amanda Gourley
Petra, servant to Juliet's nurse Lucia Loffredo
Paris, a young nobleman Pavan Acharya
Sampson, servant to Capulet Katie Olson
Gregory, servant to Capulet

Chloe Mahoney

Abraham, servant to Montague

Caleb Roberts

Balthasar, servant to Montague Ryan Kreighbaum
An Apothecary Emma Bloom
Page to Paris Arwen Townander
Friar John Gilbert Ferguson
Old person, cousin to Capulet Sayre DeBruler
Chorus, Maskers, Attendants, Servingmen, Guards Allie Parker
  Rebecca Parker
  Jordan Erdal
  Megan Snow
  Sophia Rynes
  Julia Loizzo
  Sayre DeBruler
  Abbie Harrison
  Emma Bloom
  Jack Glabowicz

Johnny Thames





Stage Manager:  Kate Barry
Dramaturge/ASM:  Cali Lichter

Our first meeting will a brief one on Monday, November 25th, from 3:40-4:00pm in Mr. Thomas's room 166.

Our first rehearsal will be in room 166 after school Thursday, December 12th from 3:45-6:00pm.  

Student Directed One Act Play Festival Festival

Cast Lists


The Kev-Burger

NED: Grant Klimek

TRISHA: Lauren Koot

JEANIE: Reeve Lounsbury

KEVIN: Johnny Thames

GIRL: Bethany Klemp


Ambika Trivedi

Julia Loizzo

Jasmine Seay



Dr. Young - Emily Mclean

Karen - Maggie Paden

Lauryn - Katherine Fosmoen

Trina - Alyssa Rodriguez

Ollie - Izzy Rudolphi

Sami - Maeve Devaney


The Limbo

Kayleen: Lucy Randolph

Doug: Mark Tu


Oh My God, It’s Another Play

Director: Ethan Landry

Dramaturg: Lucia Loffredo

Stage Manager: Audrey Clemens

Actors: Cole Gebert

Jack Glabowicz

Cris Montero


Ella Baffico

Alena Dzierozynski*

Payton Adams

Hazle Purvis

Sophia Rynes


Squad Goals

Coach Morrison: Jake Pavlik

Coach Weebly: Avery Vang

Lulu: Sayre Debruler 

Blake: Amanda Sekili 

Wanda: Bella Perkins

Bailey: Maddy Mclean

Jane: Marcie Wright 

Miley: Jordan Erdal 

Terry:  Ella Kozlowski

Tracy: Lucy Koch 

Alexa: Arwen Townander

Player 1: Priyanka Somani 

Player 2: Abby Harrison 

Player 3: Jazzy Lafita

Player 4: Sarah Cowsky 


The Trials and Tribulations of Michael Scott: An Office Story

Michael Scott - Bryce Carl

Dwight Shrute - Thomas Hubbard

Jim Halpert - Vir Trivedi

Andy Bernard - Ryan Krieghbaum

Pam Beesly - Clara Beauchamp

Kevin Malone -  Kegan Collins*

Stanley Hudson - Johnny Thames

Angela Kinsey - Molly Muscato

Creed Bratton - Alena Dzierozynski*


The 4 Different Aspects of Being Human


Tony - Eric Sparks

Brutus - Quinn Ramstedt*

Timothy - Grant Klimek 

August- David Joseph 


Jessie - Avery Dulak

Irene - Ivy Schafer 

Danelle - Becca Parker

Christine - Michelle Hogarty


It’s Not You, It’s Me

Catherine - Pearl Temesy

Todd  - Campbell Clarkson

Ashley - Kate Gerber

Jenny / John - Audrey Chung

Ellie / Mazie - Allie Parker

Angela / James - Nadia Simpson

Sarah / Mark - Gracie Benson

Gabriella / Tori - Mary Piedrahita

Jack - Jack Rendl

Jacob / Luke - Brian Greenburg

Jim / Sam - Kegan Collins*

Thomas - Quinn Ramstedt*




Congratulations to all!  Thank you for bringing such energy and excitement to the audition process! We are lucky to have such awesome talent and such awesome people in our Theatre program. Those who are in the cast should bring a binder to our first rehearsal in the Auditorium on Monday 8/19 from 3:40-6pm. If you are interested in joining our production crews, please come to our Stageplayers Meeting from 3:40-4:00 on Tues, 8/20 in the Auditorium.  


Natalie Haller Rachel Erdmann
Chad Albert Sterner
Jim Haller Matthew Pavlik
Sylvia Mary Piedrahita
Lorraine Sarah Donofrio
Dennis Jason Sekili
Miss Sandra Jess Schrag
Dean Hyde Will Anderson
Mayor Matilda Hyde Abby Gourley
Sheriff Earl Johnny Thames
Henrietta Amanda Gourley
Jailbird #40 Allen Liu
Jailbird #3

Ty Holzwarth


Gracie Benson  Pavan Acharya

Clara Beauchamp

Bryce Carl

Jazmine Block-Terson 
Kelsey Collins Kegan Collins
Grace Dillon Gilbert Ferguson
Avery Dulak David Joseph
Katherine Fosmoen Ty Holzwarth
Amanda Gourley Quinn Ramstedt
Michelle Hogarty Caleb Roberts
Cali Lichter Eric Sparks
Lucia Loffredo Vir Trivedi
Reeve Lounsbury Mark Tu
Christine Massa  
Katie Olson  
Allie Parker  
Rebecca Parker  
Lucy Randolph  
Alyssa Rodriquez  
Izzy Rudolphi  

Nadia Simpson


Stage Manager             Maja Gavrilovic
Dance Captain              Michelle Hogarty
Asst. Stage Manager     Kate Barry
Production Asst.             Alena Dzierozynski

First rehearsal is Monday afterschool in the Auditorium.
The FIRST Stageplayers meeting of the year will be Tuesday, August 20 afterschool in the Auditorium. Come be a part of LHS THEATRE!

Crew sign-up for All Shook Up will take place at this meeting.