Bleacher Bums Cast List

Melody King
Jennifer King
The Kid
The Cheerleader
Wrigley Field Announcer
Wrigley Field Organist
Security Guard/Concesssionaire
The Mom
Kid Fan 1
Kid Fan 2
Kid Fan 3
Kid Fan 4
Kid Fan 5
The Couple

The Stage Manager/Student Director

Gracie Benson
Emily McLean
Gilbert Ferguson
Connor Nekich
Jason Sekili
Ryan Kreighblum
Matthew Pavlik
Maja Gavrilovic
Grace Dillon
Michelle Hogarty
Kelsey Collins
Sarah Donofrio
Caleb Roberts
Jess Schrag
Nadia Simpson
Priyanka Somani
Meg Nostrad
Kate Gerber
Pearl Temesy
Emma Bloom
Andrew Zemeske

Amanda Gourley

Thank you to everyone who wanted to be a part of this. We have so many talented students which makes it very hard to choose, so I kept adding!
If you were not cast find a way to help us create Wrigley Field in the Studio Theater!
First rehearsal will be Wednesday, February 27th at 3:40pm, until 5:45pm, in Room 166 (Mr. Thomas' room).
Kate Gerber and Pearl Temesy please stop by my office sometime on Monday.

K. Holly

Shipwrecked! Cast List

Congratulations to all who auditioned! I am truly impressed by the talent in our Freshman and Sophomore classes! There are many talented individuals who were not able to be cast in the Ensemble, and I strongly encourage you to become part of the production via our crew. Please connect with me if you are especially interested in Leadership Positions, otherwise we are looking forward to seeing you at crew on Monday night (6-9pm). All Crew are invited to join us for our read through on Tuesday, Feb 26 (choose to join us at 3:35pm or when Crew begins on Tuesday at 5pm).


All Cast should join us in the Studio Theatre at 3:35pm on Tuesday from 3:35-6pm for our read through. Bring a binder.
Please join our REMIND group: or by texting @wrecked19 to "81010

Louis de Rougemont:    Andrew Benoit

Clara Beauchamp
Emma Bleck
Bryce Carl
Campbell Clarkson
Avery Dulak
Rachel Erdmann
Katherine Fosmoen
Abbie Harrison
Ty Holzwarth
Lucia Loffredo
Reeve Lounsbury
Christine Massa
Madison McLean
Allie Parker
Rebecca Parker
Savanna Paterno
Mary Piedrahita
Quinn Ramstedt
Alyssa Rodriguez
Ivy Schafer
Megan Snow
Johnny Thames
Vir Trivedi
Mark Tu

Student Director:   Jacob Kemp
Stage Manager:      Kate Barry

Student Directed One Act Festival Cast Lists

The Bully Play

Directed By: Linh Tran & Julia DeNoia

Male Presenter: Eli McEwan

Female Presenter: Emily McLean

Nerd/Male Bully: Bryce Carl

Senator: Jordan Erdal

Maryland Senator/Female Bully: Karina Konshin

Mom 1: Quinn Murphy

Mom 2: Ambika Trivedi


The Other Room

Directed By: Jacob Kemp & Sarah Donofrio

Ally: Katherine Fosmoen

Logan: Vir Trivedi

Diana: Grace Dillon

Talbott: Polina Kleandrova

Corynne: Maddy McLean

Nicole: Christine Massa


The Perfect Partnership

Directed by: Abby Cima & Elizabeth Chapin

Penelope: Maja Gavrilovic

Stephan: Will Anderson

Clara: Abby Gourley

Operator: Elizabeth Chapin

Dog: TBD


The Uprising

Directed By: Jason Sekili & Kelsey Collins

Zeek: Ryan Krieghbaum

Bertha: Zoe Randolph

Andromeda: Ivy Schafer

Gertrude: Cali Lichter

Patti:  Allie Parker

Jeff 1: Quinn Ramstedt

Jeff 2: Grant Klimek

Jeff 3: Matthew Johnson



Directed By: Gracie Benson & Matthew Pavlik

Jenny: Rachel Erdmann

Alex: Alex Griffith

Charles: Caleb Roberts

Claire: Julia Forrest

Pilot: Abbie Harrison


The Elf Rebellion

Directed By: Amanda Gourley & Katie Olson

Sid: Avery Vang

Dipsy: Thomas Hubbard

Doodle: Gilbert Ferguson

Santa: Kegan Collins

Girl: Becca Parker

Nooboo Ki: Cailey Kos

Gilma Luu: Megan Nostrand

Awkin Slik: Sarah Dowden


Paper or Plastic?

Directed By: Kirsten Townander & Alice Lillydahl

Sarah: Lucia Loffredo

Carl: Connor Nekich

Regina: Sayre DeBruler

Kenny: Mitch Main

Little Sam: Julia Loizzo

Angus/Announcer: Jazmine Block-Terson

Social Woman: Campbell Clarkson

Greenie #1: Sarah Cowsky

Greenie #2: Molly Moscato

Cracked Egg Woman: Pearl Temesey

Cowboy: Johnny Thames


The Final Rose

Directed by: Albert Sterner & Thea Grauer & Jess Schrag

Rod: Mark Tu

Jeremy: Ty Holzwarth

Joe: Pavan Archarya

Beatrice: Reeve Lounsbury

Meredith: Ella Baffico

Rebecca: Lucy Koch

Julie: Kate Barry

Mrs. Woman: Kate Gerber

The Timely Maneuver

Directed by: Haley Noll and Erin McCane

Jane: Clara Beauchamp

Reggie: Allen Liu

Congratulations to all who auditioned! Thank you for being brave, taking risks, shining, and having fun with us.

If you are interested in working on this show in a different way than being part of the cast, please let me know soon!

I'm excited to do this show with all of you!


Comedy Sportz Team Roster:

Pavan Acharya

William Anderson

Andrew Benoit

Gracie Benson

EJ Chen

Kelsey Collins

Sayre DeBruler

Sarah Donofrio

Rachel Erdmann

Katherine Fosmoen

Abby Gourley

Michelle Hogarty

Ty Holzwarth

Ethan Landry

Alice Lillydahl

Lucia Loffredo

Christine Massa

Eli McEwan

Connor Nekich

Jess Schrag

Jason Sekili

Albert Sterner


All CSZ Players should report for first team practice on Tuesday, Nov 13 at 3:35pm in the Studio Theatre for rehearsal.

Rehearsal Calendar



EJ Chen


Will Anderson


Albert Sterner


Rachel Erdmann


Clarisse Austin


Alice Lillydahl


Julia DeNoia




The HEAD Gilbert Ferguson  
MAJOR Ben Mayo  
NOBLEMEN Matthew Pavllik Jason Sekili
PEASANT/BEGGAR Amanda Gourley  
MANSON TRIO Bailey Latka  
  Kirsten Townander  


Bailey Latka Katie Waldvogel Allie Parker
Kirsten Townander Michelle Hogarty Becca Parker
Erin McCane Jacob Kemp Gracie Benson


  • Gracie Benson
  • Elizabeth Chapin
  • Abby Cima
  • Sarah Donofrio
  • Abby Gourley
  • Amanda Gourley
  • Thea Grauer
  • Michelle Hogarty
  • Bailey Latka
  • Lucia Loffredo
  • Reeve Lounsbury
  • Erin McCane
  • Haley Noll
  • Katie Olson
  • Allie Parker
  • Rebecca Parker
  • Jessica Schrag
  • Kirsten Townander
  • Linh Tran
  • Katie Waldvogel
  • Pavan Acharya
  • Gilbert Ferguson
  • James Grayson
  • Ty Holzwarth
  • Jacob Kemp
  • Allen Liu
  • Ben Mayo
  • Matthew Pavlik
  • Jason Sekili
  • Vir Trivedi

Christine Massa

Thank you to ALL who auditioned. If you are not cast please join us for our first Stageplayers meeting where we will discuss Crew opportunities. All cast should bring a binder to our read through on Monday, August 20th at 3:30pm until 5:45pm in the Auditorium.