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Jared Hochberg

Jared Hochberg, a Graduate of the Oberlin Conservatory, has experience teaching at music camps, offering private lessons, and conducting informal and formal classes, workshops and seminars for students of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds at Sistema Ravinia, Bravo Buddies in Waukegan, and St. Gilbert Catholic School.

Jared has taught one-on-one to students age 7-76 and in classrooms of up to 40 students. He aims to inspire students to ask questions, empower them to identify areas for growth and equip them with the tools to address those areas. In addition to providing students with a foundation of musical knowledge, theory, and instrumental technique, he focuses on the individual students’ favorite music and curiosities and works to help them pursue these interests. He has numerous examples of working with students to write songs, learning about their lives and through that effort, instilling excitement and passion for music. This approach frequently leads to the student coming up with and learning very difficult musical phrases and passages, well beyond what they were able to do in a less personal, more formal music-book context. 

Jared also has a rich history of performing, including headlining five times at Chicago's Jazz Showcase, at Evanston S.P.A.C.E., Ravinia, and many more music venues throughout the country.