Productions provides audio and video support to varied events that take place in the district. These events consist of anything from a meeting set up in the Studio Theater to audio support for home football games, to special effects lighting and complex sound systems for Performing Arts events.

Productions in conjunction with the Fine Arts department, Kevin Phelan, the Technical Theatre Coordinator and the Production Services student group, is also responsible for meeting the needs of outside groups renting the Auditoriums & Theaters.

The Productions department includes:

Bo Warmbold    - Productions Coordinator
Dave Zacharko  - Audio/Visual Technician
Sandy Martin     - Video Technician

When it comes to theater and production, the facilities at Vernon Hills High School are some of the best in the area.

Production Services

The Hidden Talent

Theatre stage lightWhat We Do

Members of Production Services are responsible for the technical work for most any event at Vernon Hills High School. These events consist of anything from a simple set up for a meeting in the Studio Theater to special effects lighting and complex sound system for the Jazz band concert. Members are responsible for producing a professional looking and sounding show. The equipment and facilities that our high school provides is as good as many colleges and universities.

In addition to doing tech work for school functions, the Auditorium and Studio Theater are rented to outside groups. These most often include dance shows and music groups. What makes our organization unique is that for a rental show Production Services members are hired to work tech. In addition to the work you do on school shows there is a possibility to get paid for something you enjoy.


When you join Production Services you become an intern. The internship usually lasts one year. Don't worry if you don't know the first thing about technical production, we'll be happy to teach you. Training in theater production, lighting, design, and audio is available to those who want to learn. After an intern has a full understanding of all equipment and has proven their responsibility they will become a paid member. This includes certain privileges and responsibilities that no other club or activity in the school has:

  1. Set the proper example for people using our facilities.
  2. You will be paid for working certain shows.
  3. You will be using very expensive and delicate equipment. This equipment cannot be abused or used for personal use.

In order to maintain member status you must:

  1. Participate in both paid and non-paid productions
  2. Have active involvement in the productions and the organization
  3. Cooperate with Production Services advisors and observe all rules and regulations.
  4. Maintain at least a "C" average in all academic classes.

Although we are a separate club from Backlight Theatre Company we work very closely with them. Members of Production Services work crew for the musical and play productions.

Production Crew also works closely with the high school's television station. Cougar-TV gives students experience working with cameras, switchers and other aspects of television production. While it is not necessary to be a member of both clubs, many members belong to both. Training in camera operation, directing, audio, graphics, and editing is available to those who want to learn.