The Special Services Department is committed to providing a supportive environment in which students with special educational needs can develop intellectual, academic, physical, social, emotional, and civic life skills. The department strives to assist each student to access a variety of learning opportunities provided by high school courses, services, and extra-curricular activities. We support each student's efforts to become a self-aware, self-advocating, self-directed, strategic learner.

The Special Services Department provides a free appropriate public education to student's ages 14 through 21 years of age who have vision, hearing, language, physical, learning, social-emotional disabilities, and who have been found eligible to receive special education services. Special Education programs and services are those benefiting the student achieving their maximum potential in the least restrictive environment.  Students who are suspected of having a disability which may require special education services should be referred to the Special Services Team via the student's guidance counselor or social worker to determine if a case study evaluation is necessary.

The Special Services Handbook explains the procedures and the practices of the Tutorial, Educational Specialist Program, Teaching Appropriate Behaviors Program (TAB), Educational Life Skills Program (ELSP), and the Speech and Language Program.