Facility Information

Our facility features a(n)

  • 8 lane swimming pool. 
  • Moveable bulkhead which allows the pool to be converted to: 
  • 25 yards (shallow)
  • 25 meters (shallow)
  • 25 meters (deep)
  • Diving well with four 1-meter diving boards.
  • TIVO recording system for immediate feedback for coaches and athletes.
  • Male & Female locker rooms with swim suit speed dryers.
  • Male & Female coaches locker rooms.
  • Lifeguard on duty during all community programs in our pool.

Pool Rules & Policies

  • No diving off of the starting blocks unless directly supervised by an adult certified coach.
  • One person on the diving board at a time.
  • When jumping/diving off the diving boards, no goggles may be worn on the eyes or head.
  • No backward jump or dives off the diving boards or sides of the pool.
  • You may only get one bounce on the diving boards.
  • After jumping/diving off the diving board, the swimmer must swim out to the bulkhead and then over to the side of the pool to exit.
  • No use of the diving bricks.
  • Patrons may use noodles, kick board and inner tubes safely and appropriately.
  • Patrons may not use swim fins unless OK’d by the supervisor on duty
  • Pull buoys may be used by patrons who are swimming laps.
  • Always walk on the pool deck.
  • Diving into the pool is allowed in water at least 6 ft. in depth.
  • No hanging on the lane lines or interfering with patrons who are swimming laps.
  • No use of kayaks at any time.
  • No rough play of any kind that could result in an accident.