9th-11th Grade Course Selection Support

December: Prepare for Course Selection/Requests: 

During December, 9th-11th grade families should consider the following academic planning priorities: 

January:  Course Selection/Request Form Ready For Counselor Appointment

We encourage families to spend time prior to their student's counselor course selection appointment discussing their student's academic plan. We encourage parents/guardians to meet with their student and assess this school year & current courses, discuss student's passions/interests/strengths & weaknesses and then to consider courses for next school year relative to your student's individual post-secondary goals and career interests. Fill out the course selection request form together. Additionally, this form has a space for a parent/guardian signature and also has the option for Accelerated Placement opt out in each core department.

Resources include:


Course Selection Considersation

What should students consider when selecting courses & developing an academic plan?

  • We highly encourage each family to review our school counselor's advice prior to selecting courses for next school year. Important considerations include:
  • Balance: How can your student create an academic plan and an extracurricular plan (athletics, clubs, fine arts activities and work) while maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle
  • Choices: Which elective courses (Applied Tech, Business, Family/ Consumer Sciences, Art, Music & World Languages) is your student planning to take? What combination of elective, on-level/ college prep and accelerated courses feels right for my student? Which course should they focus on because it is an area of interest or connects to their post high school goals?
  • Advanced Classes & Level: What level of academic rigor is the student prepared for? Are they ready for advanced classes? Which accelerated courses would you consider as a "good stretch"? Which accelerated course would you consider a "stretch too far"? How many accelerated courses (honors, Advanced Placement, capstone or dual credit) should your student take, if any? How much is it OK to struggle?
  • It will be very difficult for students to change levels over the summer or during the school year once a student has experienced the course including students who are not earning an A or B in the course.

Course Selection Dates

11th grade students: individual appointments with counselors between 1/11 - 2/9. Juniors should book individual counselor appointments. 

10th grade students: counselor appointments during English on 1/24 & 1/25.

9th grade students: counselor appointments during PE/Health on 1/16 & 1/17.