Virtual Math Help Desk

What: Ask questions or get additional explanation on any math concept
When: Periods 1-8 & 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm M, T, & W.
Where: Click here to enter the Virtual ARC

Who: VHHS students will be required to authenticate their school email prior to joining Zoom. Students will need their VHHS ID number in order to enter the virtual ARC. In addition, students will be required to have their camera on at all times during the tutoring session. Finally, students are expected to adhere to the Board of Education’s policies and student behavior standards which still apply when a student is receiving instruction by video or other remote means.


  • No appointment with a teacher necessary.
  • The Math Help desk is a great place to come to ask questions about any level of math. 
  • Teachers at the Math Help Desk can help you study/practice for quizzes and tests, or review a concept/lesson that you missed while absent.
  • While the Math Help Desk teachers will assist you in completing your homework, we ask that you attempt the assignment first and seek help when you have a specific question about a problem. Additionally, teachers ask that you seek support from a peer tutor prior to meeting with a staff member for support. 
Period Teacher
1 Mr. Gustafson
2 Ms. Chapman
3 Ms. Larson
4 Ms. Redig
5 Ms. Ciura
6 Mr. Szabo
7 Mr. Joe/Ms. Geltner
8 Ms. Tye / Mr. Czarnecki
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm (M, T, W) Mr. Gustafson, Mr. Lueken, Ms. Ciura.