Math Help Desk

What: Ask questions or get additional explanation on any math concept
When: Periods 1-6,8
Where: 2400
: Open to all VHHS Students


  • No appointment with a teacher necessary.
  • The Math Help desk is a great place to come to ask questions about any level of math. 
  • Teachers at the Math Help Desk can help you study/practice for quizzes and tests, or review a concept/lesson that you missed while absent.
  • While the Math Help Desk teachers will assist you in completing your homework, we ask that you attempt the assignment first and seek help when you have a specific question about a problem. Additionally, teachers ask that you seek support from a peer tutor prior to meeting with a staff member for support. 
Period Teacher
1 No Teacher
2 No Teacher
3 Mr. Szabo
4 Mr. Joe
5 Ms. Geltner 
6 Ms. Kolle
7 Ms. Chapman
8 Ms. Tye