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Student absences must be reported to the Technology Campus as well as to Libertyville High School.  

To report an absence use the following numbers:

For the Technology Campus- 847-543-6024

For LHS - Last Names:




Philosophy Statement

The Lake County High Schools Technology Campus was designed to extend career and technical education opportunities for Lake County high schools. All programs are available to juniors and seniors and most programs are available to sophomores as well. Programs at the Technology Campus provide great preparation for students looking to begin a career as well as for those who wish to continue their studies in college. In addition, many courses have dual credit with the College of Lake County.

  • Choose a course: Copies of the current Technology Campus Program Catalog can be found in your counselor’s office. Students interested in Technology Campus courses must fill out an application and return it during the course registration process in February. The student’s counselor will work closely with their students to determine the best program fit. Students who successfully complete a Technology Campus Program will receive one and one half (1.5) credits per semester. Students interested in learning more about the Technology Campus and program offerings can find additional information by visiting their web site at
  • Choose a session: Students may choose to attend the Technology Campus for either Session I or Session III. This will allow greater flexibility in developing an academic plan that will allow the student to meet their academic goals both at LHS and the Lake County Technology Campus. Students are required to ride a school bus each way. The chart below shows the Tech Campus bus schedule and the periods they would be in attendance at LHS.
  • Consider course fees: Many Technology Campus programs require students to purchase uniforms, safety glasses, tools of the trade, or other consumable items in addition to lab fees. Lab fees are approximate and vary according to each student’s program. All lab fees are subject to change and are charged to the student through the Technology Campus, not Libertyville High School.