Winter Open Gyms

Boy's Lacrosse will be participating in Open Gyms in the winter of 2021, exact dates and times are TBD along with protocols for Social Distancing best practices. More information coming in January 2021


VHHS Boy’s Lacrosse Statement on Racial Injustice Racial Injustice has long been a cultural divide in our country, one that causes us great anger and grief as we repeat the past without learning from our mistakes. Lacrosse is known as the Creator’s Game, invented by the Iroquois as an alternative to war between tribes. Playing the game restored harmony and was therapeutically healing for those who were wronged. Without understanding the importance or origins of the game European Americans took the game and turned it into sport, banning Native Americans from playing alongside them until the 20th century. Even in the 20th and 21st centuries perceptions have continued that Lacrosse is a sport for communities of privileged, one that those in the lacrosse community continue to rally against. The Lacrosse community stands together knowing that we together are stronger than the individual. We together are here to support those that feel oppressed, bullied, are subject to racism or hatred and those that suffer from a failing justice system. The Lacrosse community has made many mistakes over the centuries and continues to learn from and correct its own inequalities and social divides. The Creator’s Game shows us what can be achieved, a community of equality, harmony, and healing. We hope that the Lacrosse Community, School community, Village Community and Nation will come out of this stronger and better for having gone through this as everyone deserves the same opportunity to be equal, heal and live in harmony. We wish everyone peace, health, and happiness and to our brothers and sisters in the Lacrosse community we are and always will be here for you.  Sincerely,  The Coaching Staff of Vernon Hills High School Boy’s Lacrosse

VHHS Boy’s Lacrosse Statement on Racial Injustice

Special Announcements:


2021 Season moved to new "Summer Season" May 3rd- June 26th

As more information is released and a plan of action is determined for VHHS and D128 we will update this page. 

With plenty of time until season begins please continue conditioning and stickwork, please feel free to use this routine.