Boys Lacrosse at Vernon Hills High School

Vernon Hills H.S. competes in both JV and Varsity levels for boys Lacrosse in the Central Suburban Conference. Lacrosse is a spring sport in the IHSA with our season typically running from the first week of March through mid-May. No experience is neccessary to participate in boys Lacrosse, athletes from a wide range of other sports compete in Lacrosse as well. Often regarded as "the fastest sport on two feet" Lacrosse requires a unique combination of speed, strength, hand/eye coordination, agility and athleticism. 

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Fall/Winter Open Gym Schedule:

Boy's Lacrosse Open Gym Dates/Times 2021-2022
Date Day Location Time
11/22/21 Monday Fieldhouse 7:30-9pm
11/29/21 Monday Stadium 4-5:30pm
12/8/21 Wednesday Stadium 4-5:30pm
12/10/21 Friday Fieldhouse 6-7:30pm
12/15/21 Wednesday Stadium 4-5:30pm
12/21/21 Tuesday Fieldhouse 8-9:30pm
1/10/22 Monday Fieldhouse 6-7:30pm
1/17/22 Monday Fieldhouse 5-7pm
1/26/22 Wednesday Fieldhouse 7-8:30pm
1/31/22 Monday Fieldhouse 6-7:30pm
2/8/22 Tuesday Fieldhouse 7-8:30pm
2/16/22 Wednesday Fieldhouse 5:30-7pm
2/23/22 Wednesday Fieldhouse 7-8:30pm
Open Conditioning Dates
2/4/22 Friday Fieldhouse C 5:30-6:30pm
2/11/22 Friday Fieldhouse C 5:30-6:30pm
2/17/22 Thursday Fieldhouse A 5:30-6:30pm
2/24/22 Thursday Fieldhouse A 7-8pm

* Alternate Locations and Times listed are in the event of weather conditions preventing use of outdoor facilities

Vernon Hills #5 shoots and scores against Glenbrook SouthVernon Hills #99 body checks a Deerfield DefensemanVernon Hills #2 runs with the ball during game playVernon Hills #3 takes a shot against Mt. Carmel