Libertyville High School offers Guitar I class, Guitar II class, a Guitar Ensemble and an after school guitar club.

Guitar I is an introductory guitar class open to students of all grades. Students will be taught the basics of acoustic guitar, including note­reading, chords, and scales. No prior experience is necessary. $11 course fee covers use of the school­-supplied instrument and workbook. Students wishing to use their own acoustic guitar must have it pre­approved by the instructor.

Guitar II is an intermediate guitar course, a continuation of Guitar Class I, working on more complicated music. Students will learn to play two and three part classical pieces. They will learn to read music in positions outside of first position. They will learn chords and scales in positions beyond the first position. Students will master more advanced chords, practice improvisation and different styles of music including blues, jazz, classical and world music. Prerequisite: Completion of Guitar I or approval of instructor.

Guitar Ensemble allows guitarists to keep developing their music reading skills, technique and build their ability to perform together as a group.  Guitar Ensemble will play many styles- including classical, jazz, world music, funk and rock.  They will perform recitals and concerts.

For more information contact Mr. Karnstedt.