Wildcat Health and Mental Wellness

Parents supporting Happier, Healthier Living for Students


If you have a student at Libertyville High School, then you are already a member of Wildcat Health and Mental Wellness (WHMW)! WHMW is a volunteer parent organization that supports our students in developing positive mental health with a focus on overall student well-being. WHMW seeks to connect parents, share resources, promote mental strength.  We partner with LHS and its mission to help students lead happier, healthier and higher-performing lives. 

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February Meeting - "Screenagers, The Next Chapter"

We are partnering with LHS’ Real Talk Series on Wednesday February 19th at 7pm in the Studio Theater.  We will show the film "Screenagers, The Next Chapter".  You can see the trailer here: https://vimeo.com/357620460.  Students are encouraged to come, as there will be incentives (to follow).

About the film: High Stress, Anxiety and Depression are experienced by millions of young people. We follow physician and filmmaker, Delaney Ruston, as she discovers solutions for improved adolescent well-being in the digital age. (runtime about 69-minutes)



MARCH - Wednesday, March 18th at 7pm, Studio Theater
Join us and our guests Dr. Koulentes and Jim Gary, mental skills coach for pro athletes, to discuss strategies for maximizing mental strength and performance.

APRIL - Wednesday, April 22nd at 7pm, Room 149
Join us and professional experts on health and nutrition to discuss factors that affect our teens' moods and well-being, as well as strategies towards a healthy lifestyle.

Please send us questions or topics of concern to lhswhmw@gmail.com. Thank you! Joy Bach, Angela LaVista and Stacie Nevins.



"Ask Principal Koulentes" gives parents direct access to Dr. Koulentes, where he will answer anonymous questions from parents. Please submit any topics of discussion for Dr. Koulentes at lhswhmw@gmail.com


For more information, meeting dates, topics and to subscribe to monthly communication, please email us at lhswhmw@gmail.com with “Subscribe” in the Subject header. WHMW is an organization serving YOU. Anything you would like to see covered, please email us at lhswhmw@gmail.com. We welcome your input! 

Co-Directors Joy Bach, Angela LaVista and Stacie Nevins