Libertyville Health & Mental Wellness

Supporting Happier, Healthier Living for Families and the Community


Libertyville Health & Mental Wellness (formerly Wildcat Health & Mental Wellness), is an organization that supports our students, families and community members in advocating for positive mental health and overall well-being. Our goal is to build community and support by offering education, resources and connection.  We collaborate with LHS and community partners to further advance the LHS mission: to help students lead happier, healthier and higher-performing lives. 


Each month, we invite mental health professionals, therapists, experts and guests who share their personal stories to provide insight on different topics. We encourage discussion with Q&A sessions. We will have follow-up small group discussions and wellness workshops.  

Every year we send out a parent survey on mental health issues to form our content.  Please check back the week of 9/5 for the 2022-23 content calendar.  Topics will include suicide prevention, drugs and alcohol, body image, safety in our community, post-high school planning (gap year, trades, college, etc.), technology, cyberbullying, among other issues. Please join us for our monthly meetings on the third Wednesday of each month at 7pm. Location may change each month. Please check monthly email and our Facebook page for up-to-date information.


Suicide Awareness 
Wednesday, September 21 @ 7pm in Studio Theater

September is Suicide Awareness Month and Yellow Ribbon Week for mental health and suicide prevention. Please join us in welcoming Dan Maigler, therapist, high school social worker, podcaster of "Not Allowed to Die", mental health advisor for Paws for Patrick. We will discuss what mental health issues teens and families are currently facing, suicidal ideation, warning signs, what families can do to help one another. 


Drugs & Alcohol
Wednesday, October 19 @ 7pm in TBD

October focuses on drug abuse prevention and Red Ribbon Week. Please join us for a discussion on what students are currently facing, learn more about fentanyl and we can do to protect our students.



For more information, meeting dates, topics and to subscribe to monthly communication, please email us at with “Subscribe” in the Subject header. 


Find us on Instagram @LHMW.128 and Facebook at @LHMW128



Lastly, if you need help, please reach out. We are parents with a compassionate ear and will try to help you find resources. Please email us at LHMW is an organization that serves YOU.