Calculator Use Policy

The Mathematics Department is strongly committed to the use of graphing calculators to enhance learning. Defined national and state standards now emphasize calculators as necessary tools to prepare students to compete in an ever-changing technological world. The calculator assists students in making connections, making abstract concepts more concrete and preventing arithmetic errors; it is not a substitute for understanding. Use of a calculator and the calculator model deemed appropriate for each individual course shall be at the discretion of the teacher.
Students are expected to demonstrate the utmost personal integrity in using the calculator. Inappropriate uses of the calculator include, but are not limited to:

  • Playing calculator games during class
  • Storing formulas and/or answers, or using programs unauthorized by the teacher

Inappropriate use may result in disciplinary consequences. The teacher reserves the right to take steps to avoid inappropriate use by erasing memory, trading a personal calculator for a school calculator, trading student calculators, or other measures as necessary.
For a list of recommended calculators, see your classroom teacher or course selection guide.