Course Selection Materials

Welcome to the Social Studies Course Selection materials page. Below you will find information about the Social Studies courses at LHS as well as information about upcoming course changes. Should you have any questions please feel free to ask your current Social Studies teacher or stop in to see Mr. McCusker in room 219b.

If you are trying to decide which course is best for you or your child, these materials can help you identify the proper placement.  Each has a description of the expected reading and a text sample to let you explore the reading level of each course. Our Homework Expectations Sheet can offer you a comparison of the amount of readings, frequency of tests and homework commitment for each class. 

Traditionally Freshman Courses

Sophomore Course Selection

Additional Course Selection Materials

Social Studies Department

Course Sequences

9 10 11 12
Geography Geography United States History *Government
Geography Honors Geography Honors United States History Honors

*AP Government

World History World History

ELL United States History

*ELL Government

World History Honors World History Honors

AP United States History


AP Human Geography

AP Human Geography AP Human Geography AP Human Geography

AP World History

AP World History AP World History AP World History

AP European History

AP European History AP European History
  *Sociology *Sociology *Sociology
  *AP Macro *AP Macro *AP Macro
  *Law *Law *Law




  *AP Psychology *AP Psychology *AP Psychology

*International Studies

*International Studies *International Studies

*Current Issues

*Current Issues *Current Issues

*Denotes a semester course

If you have further questions or would like to discuss your selection please contact:

Shawn McCusker
Social Studies Department Supervisor