Girls' Gymnastics

Announcements for 2021-22 Season:ATTENTION:  There will be a preseason meeting on Thursday, October 28 at 8:15am in room 2102 (Mrs. Owens' room).  

  • Pretryout OPEN GYM dates will be available in October.  Dates are TBD.
  • Season tryouts begin Monday, November 8th (In order to try out each athlete must be registered for gymnastics AND have a current physical on file).  All participants must notify the athletic secretary,, if interested in trying out.
  • Practices will be held daily immediately after school and on most Saturday mornings.
    • Athletes may NOT practice with their clubs during the high school season  per IHSA guidelines.  There are exceptions allowed for participating in club meets.  High school competitions take priority over club meets.  Missing a high school competition for a club meet will not be excused. The season schedule is posted; however, meets may be added.  All club meet participation during the season must be granted permission through the IHSA and our athletic director, John Woods, BEFORE season begins. See the IHSA website for the permission to attend form.  FYI - We do not have a high school meet the weekend of December 4, 2021.


  • A tryout rubric is posted to the calendar below as well as in the team's google classroom.  Click on event details for November 8 to see the rubric.  In order to be eligible to make the team a score of 4 is required on the rubric with at least a ONE in each event (NEW).  There will most likely be cuts this year due to safety constraints regarding the number of athletes in the gym.
  • Mandatory Parent Meeting date will be posted after tryouts and will be held via zoom.
  • There will be REQUIRED practices over both Thanksgiving and Holiday break (an athlete must attend a minimum of 4 practices over holiday break)  please see the practice schedule for tentative practice dates.  The schedule is NOT finalized.  Meets and practices may still be added.  We realize this year is a while new animal with COVID.  There may be many absences due to the need to quarantine.  There may be a need to visit family over the holidays.  We will be flexible but please understand the importance of safety and the need for practice in the sport of gymnastics.  Our previous attendance policy is listed below:  
    • 3 absences = miss a competition
    • 3 unexcused absences = dismissal from team


  • Noting the IHSA COVID guidelines masks are required to be worn during all practices and competitions except during skill completion & event competition.  


  • Due to the pandemic this season's practices and meets may look different than all previous seasons.  All precautions are taken to ensure the safety of our athletes, coaches, and staff.


  • Practice times/dates/format are still evolving as new information is released about the upcoming season and about the pandemic.


  • We are looking forward to a successful gymnastics season.

 Important upcoming dates:

     * Tryouts: Monday, November 8 , 9, 10 

     * Parent Meeting: TBD

     * Lock in: TBD for the 2020-2021 season

     * Black and Orange Meet (Intersquad Mock Meet): TBD

Practice Calendar