Core Beliefs

Health Services Philosophy

Professional school nursing at Libertyville High School provides a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, and collaborative approach to promoting wellness within the school community, with the primary goal of maintaining optimal student health, attendance and learning ability.

As professional school nurses, we believe in:

  • Ensuring all students have access to medical care and treatment.
  • Supporting students to become independent advocates for their own health care.
  • Coordinating nursing care for students with family, school staff, and outside agencies.
  • Providing health counseling and education for individual and group/classroom settings.
  • Maintaining state-mandated school health records on every student in the district.
  • Being a member of each Learning Support Team and the SAP Team.
  • Advocating for student health needs within the school environment.
  • Supporting teachers by interpreting the impact of a student's health condition on learning.
  • Delivering public health nursing services through maintenance of immunization records, communicable disease prevention and monitoring.
  • Providing collaborative assessments of mental health needs.
  • Collaborating with health resources in the community for referrals and public health issues.
  • Collaborating with special services to provide nursing services and support.
  • Promoting staff wellness through health education, counseling, and wellness activities.
  • Collaborating with administration and Building and Grounds personnel to maintain a safe and healthy school environment.
  • Utilizing appropriate and current technology to enhance school health services.
  • Enhancing professional development through professional school nurse organizations and continuing education opportunities.