Room 152/ LST A-F
Phone: (847) 327-7022
The Registrar is our official record keeper. It is her role to maintain both current and archived student records in accordance with the Illinois Administrative Code provided by the Illinois State Board of Education School policies.  She can assist you by providing official/unofficial transcripts and approval for various other documents including Driver Education Approval Forms and Good Student Insurance Forms. 

Transcript Release Information


Official Transcripts: Only official transcripts can be used for college applications. Official transcripts are sent directly from the high school to the college(s) of your choice.

Unofficial Transcripts can be given directly to you to take along on college visits when you talk with admissions officials about your courses and academic performance. Unofficial transcripts cannot be used for application purposes. To request an unofficial transcript, please see the registrar.


To request a transcript, please write a letter or click here to obtain the Transcript Release Form for graduates and/or former students.

Fill out the form, or include in your letter the following information:

  • Your name
  • The year you graduated 
  • Where you want the transcript sent
  • Your letter/form must have your signature. Electronic signatures are not acceptable.

For official transcripts, please provide the name and address of the college/university, or employer.

Unofficial transcripts may be sent directly to you (be sure to include your address). 

  • An unofficial transcript does not have a school seal or signature. 

Mail your request to: Caryl Page, Registrar, Libertyville High School, 708 W. Park Ave., Libertyville, IL  60048.

FAX to: (847) 367-9436

Email as a pdf to: 

Please call (847) 327-7022 with any questions.

Driver Education Forms

Private driving schools will provide the student with a “Driver Education Approval Form.”  Please bring this form to the Registrar for a signature.  This form verifies that your student attends Libertyville High School and has received a passing grade in at least 8 courses during the previous two semesters and is therefore eligible for private driving instruction.

Good Student Insurance Forms

Many insurance companies offer automotive insurance at reduced rates to students who are above average academically.  Most insurance companies will furnish a form for the student to complete.  Usually a student can qualify in one or more categories.  The qualified student should take the insurance form to the Registrar for verification and signature.

Health Record Information

Please submit a letter requesting a copy of your health record indicating the name and address (or fax number) of where you wish the health record to be mailed.  Your signature is required.

Mail your request to: Caryl Page, Registrar, Libertyville High School, 708 W. Park Ave., Libertyville, IL  60048.  If your request is urgent, a faxed letter may be processed. 

Please call (847) 327-7022 with any questions. FAX: (847) 367-9436.