Alumni Leave Your Mark

The District 128 Foundation for Learning's Alumni Leave Your Mark program gives parents, friends or family of Libertyville High School and Vernon Hills High School graduates the opportunity to make a donation to the Foundation for Learning in honor of a special graduate. The program is open to members of all LHS and VHHS graduating classes who wish to make a lasting mark on their high school.

  • The donor will receive a certificate suitable for presenting to the honored graduate/alumnus/alumna announcing that a donation was made in his/her name.
  • The graduate's name will appear in order of graduating class on the Foundation's website, as well as on the virtual plaque that will appear on the Foundation's monitors at LHS and VHHS.
  • The graduate's name will have a lasting presence at the school, and your generous donation will enable the Foundation to continue to provide enhances programs and opportunities for future D128 students through its ongoing DARING Innovation Grants program, Students in Need program, projects and more.

There are two ways that you can make a donation to honor your graduate.

  • Pay by credit card. Complete this Alumni Leave Your Mark form and submit your donation online by using the Donate button.  Use the drop down menu, select Alumni Leave Your Mark and enter the amount of your donation.
  • Pay by check. Print, complete and mail this Alumni Leave Your Mark form along with your check to:
    • D128 Foundation for Learning, 50 Lakeview Parkway, Suite #101, Vernon Hills, IL 60061

Questions - please contact Diane Phillips at 847-247-4577 or


Donations to the Foundation for Learning have been made in the names of the following LHS and VHHS graduates.

Class of 2024



Class of 2023

LHS: Jack Huber, Lauren Huber, Rocco LaVista,  Michael Keefe Schroedle

VHHS:  Elizabeth Eitel, Eric Eitel, Hary Jun, Alexandra Muraca, Tanish Sharma, Mya Torres

Class of 2022

LHS:  Samantha Greenberg, Ryan D. McGrory, Jon Melcher, Gabe Teixeira


Class of 2021

LHS:  Aly Lichter, Kaylie Stuteville, Nathan Van Lyssel

VHHS: Ayse Brooke Cheung

Class of 2020

LHS:  Ryan Harrison, Ryan Krieghbaum, Cali Lichter, Emma Peterson

VHHS: Yashly V. Alvarez, Avery Longdon, Robert Rallo

Class of 2019

LHS:  Sawyer Abington, Elizabeth C. Chapin, Abigail Cima, Albert Guan, Catherine Hebbeln, Joseph Maller, Kate Mauer, Teague Mitchell, Daniel Keefe Schroedle

VHHS:  Zoe Eitel, Rylee Goldberg, Francis Gorham, Sydnie Kaufman, Joshua Olson, Gregory Tow, Maximos Xu, Jeffrey Zhang

Class of 2018

LHS:  Franklin Edward Borre, Maxwell Chan, Olivia Devin, Chase Eyre, Clare Hoult, Alyssa Cathryn LaRoi, Chae Rin Lea, Kelly Litwitz, Nathan Pacholski, Drew Peterson, Emily Stone, Rachel Weis, Ryan Winiger

VHHS:  Theodore Chen, Brendan Fleming, Taylor Harte, Lauren Katz, Carli Kaufman, Daniel Lester, Gabriela Muraca, Caralynn Orbell, Rithva Ramesh, Woosuk Song

Class of 2017

LHS:  Blair Abington, Spencer Baumruk, Emily M. Blackwell, Danielle Blaser, Julia Bronswick, Patrick Dunleavy, Emma A. Garcia, Laura Johnston, David Ara Mattson, Eric Turner

VHHS:  Dominic J. Baker, Giavanna Harley Cianfaglione, Jacob Florian, Mason Goldberg, Lexi Harte, Rajita Kanapareddy, Jenna Claire Kelly, Ameer Khan, Nicholas W. LaFleur III, Oliver A. Leung, Ellory Longdon, Abhay Ram, Viraat Reddy Vummenthala, Emily Whalen, Steven Way Tow, Daniel Yong

Class of 2016

LHS:  Erin Dunleavy, Jonathan Evers, Sarah R. Green, Annika Lauren Hawkinson, Abigail Jeffrey, Tyler LaRoi, Soo Jin Lea, Danielle Pacholski, Alexander von Rueden, Allison Watson

VHHS:  Michael Agam, Kendall Dickman, Jacob Helfand, Jacob Hollis, Konstantin Konovalov, Francesca Muraca

Class of 2015

LHS:  Kennedy Abington, Aaron Blaser, Blair D. Egan, Katherine F. Egan, William Fryrear, Brian Hoffmann, Sara Jean Hoult, Scott Litwitz, Jessica Lovinger, Luke O'Brien, Mary Claire O'Leary, Ryan Pacholski, Gena Loren Palmieri, Conor Peterson, Sean Stevens, Nicholas Tasiopoulos, Madison Whitney, Kyle Winiger

VHHS:  Frank A. Mariella, Leilan Jasmine Masikat, Shubham Patel, Max Pelech, Eric Shim, Jeremy D. Sill

Class of 2014

LHS:  Jack Baumruk, Julia Turner

Class of 2013

LHS:  Steven Hoffmann

Class of 2012

LHS:  Connor F. Egan

Class of 2004

VHHS:  Catherine Tucker

Class of 2000

LHS: Byran D. King