Vernon Hills High School Front Entrance

We're closing in on the 25th Anniversary of Vernon Hills HS (the 2024-25 school year will be our 25th as a fully operating high school), and part of what we hope to accomplish is a more formal collecting and telling and (eventually) publishing of our history as a school. 

Among other things this will involve collecting photos (preferably digital) that you may have of the first few years of the school, the construction, the opening, etc., that might not have made it to the yearbook. We're also looking for your memories in story form. If you have photos or stories you wouldn't mind sharing, please send them to

We've also started listening in person to the stories of a lot of the people responsible for the school, from concept through building and opening. A lot of these fine people have retired, and it's often a great time to sit and listen to the origin stories (Jim Whittington, a Tennessee fan, REALLY pushed for Volunteers as our school you know what that twisting stairway between teacher workrooms was originally designed to be?) from Sugarman, to Lestina, Whittington, Cope, and so many other retirees who fought to make VHHS such a special place. Our first took place a few weeks back with the original Athletic Director, Al Janulis, when he was in town for the Track & Field meet named after him

We plan on a series of these as retirees are available. And we'll always make you aware of them. We may even be recording audio of the session to help us write the (carefully expurgated) history at a later time. 

So, send us your photos and stories. I'm leading the effort to turn these into a more formal telling of our story together, of the beginnings and early years of VHHS. And it won't be complete without your contributions. 

Thank you!

-Chris Curry

Vernon Hills High School


English teacher, Assistant Athletic Director, Varsity boys' volleyball coach, Asst. Varsity girls' volleyball coach
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