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Mission Statement

The mission of the District 128 Foundation for Learning is to enhance and enrich the instructional program in Community High School District 128 by obtaining resources through community partnerships.


The Foundation will accomplish its mission through districtwide support for

  1. Student development.
    1. Provide resources for educational enrichment programs and activities.
    2. Extend opportunities for a quality education in areas beyond what is provided by the School District.
    3. Provide resources for unique student learning opportunities.
    4. Provide resources to ensure the success of students in need
  2. Staff excellence and creativity.
    1. Provide resources for innovative and creative instructional ideas and programs.
    2. Support unique opportunities for the development of employees.
    3. Provide support for staff to bring additional learning resources to the classroom and school.
  3. Attracting resources from diverse sources.


  • Nancy Beaumont, Chairperson
  • Carlene Lichter, Fund Development Chair
  • Mary Ann Eiserman, Projects Chair
  • Erica Rendall, Secretary
  • Kevin Jacobs, Treasurer


  • Jenny Eitel
  • Denise Herrmann
  • Lisa Hessel
  • Vinod Patel
  • Anand Setty


  • Diane Phillips, Executive Director
  • Mary Todoric, District Communication Support
  • Teresa Palaggi, Administrative Assistant


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District 128 Foundation for Learning
50 Lakeview Parkway, Suite 101
Vernon Hills, IL 60061