Innovation Grants

2018-19 Innovation Grant Recipients

2018-19 Innovation Grant recipients

The District 128 Foundation for Learning continued its mission of enhancing learning in Community High School District 128 by awarding 18 Innovation Grants totaling $30,866.65 to Libertyville High School and Vernon Hills High School teachers on Dec. 20, 2018. The 2018-19 grant winners were announced and celebrated at a luncheon held at the District 128 Administration Office. This year's grants brought the number of grants awarded by the Foundation since 2008 to 145 and the total dollars funded to $218,447.85. In addition, the Foundation has given money to the high schools for project funding and assistance for students in need. To date, the Foundation has given LHS and VHHS $399,297.85 in funding for these initiatives.

The grant winners were joined at the presentation by members of the Foundation for Learning Board of Trustees, the D128 Administration, and the Grant Review Committee. Pictured above at the presentation are: (front row) D128 Superintendent Prentiss Lea, Debi Kellum, Ana Molina Rojas, Sarah Kelly, Ellen Macias, Allison Molloy, Amanda Krich, Elissa Gong, Alyssa Clarke, Mark Prosise, Sarah Stoub, Nicole Collins, Foundation Trustee and Projects Committee Chairperson Mary Ann Eiserman, Foundation Executive Director Diane Phillips, (middle row) Ashley Bell, Karen Kym, Kara Bosman, Rita Fischer, Emily Koerner, Tom Koulentes, Adam Lueken, Kedric Greenawalt, Chris Wolf, Foundation Trustee Julie Boehmer, Foundation Trustee Carlene Lichter, Foundation Trustee Nancy Beaumont, (back row) James Brum, Jon Guillaume, Steve Korney, Drew Russell, Ryan Feeney, Joe O’Brien, Craig Bomgaars.

The 2018-19 winning Innovation Grants are:

Energy Quest - An academic game to differentiate the workings of photosynthesis and respiration. The graduated investigations support differentiated instruction by allowing every investigation to be taught at three distinct levels of detail and difficulty.
VHHS, Science: Craig Bomgaars, Ashley Antony, Alyssa Clarke, Elissa Gong, Mark Prosise, Chris Wolf  $1,930

Welcoming Immigrant Students and Families Into the School - Building relationships with immigrant students and families to fully understand their challenges as they transition to a new country. We want to support families as they experience a new culture and help students transition, integrate, and assimilate into the school system. We will explore with the students by taking a field trip to Chicago on the train to visit the Field Museum and establish a culturally sensitive approach to helping students in relationship building, joining activities and getting involved, and feeling a sense of belonging at school.
LHS Student Services: Sarah Kelly, Alison Reifenberg, Ana Molina Rojas  $1,907

"See" like a Bee with UltraViolet Cameras - As doers in science, we seek to make learning science an interactive experience as students explore the curious world around them. This project allows students to use UV cameras that plug directly into their Chromebooks. Therefore, these cameras allow us to literally see the world through the eyes of insects.
VHHS Science: Mark Prosise, Nicole Collins  $945

Creating Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality - Virtual Reality(VR) and Augmented Reality(AR) are the future of computing. As it gets better, faster, and cheaper more people are using it and soon enough it will be integrated into our everyday. To actually create VR and AR, we are setting up our students to be ahead of the curve in the workplace.
LHS/VHHS Math: Adam Lueken, Teresa Elmore, Ryan Feeney  $1,548

The Memory Project - This project is a proposal for funding to continue and widen participation in The Memory Project, a non-profit organization’s invitation to create portraits for children around the world who face substantial challenges, including neglect, abuse, loss of parents, war, and extreme poverty.
VHHS Art:  Allison Molloy  $2,000

Dynamic DNA Discovery - Students will be able to go beyond basic DNA structure to discover and investigate the dynamic nature of DNA, DNA replication, the process of transcription, and the role of ATP in these processes.  This will act as a major functional stepping stone for students to understand genetic sequencing and genetic engineering that is happening in the real world today.
LHS Science: Ashley Bell, Karen Kym  $2,000

Micro to Macro: A Microscope Cell Phone Adapter - This camera adapter will expand on the ways students are able to interact with microscopic life and present their knowledge in new ways.  It will take quick looks at a specimen and make it more personal and engaging as students are able to interact with and communicate their findings - expressing themselves artistically, logically and in multiple modes.
VHHS Science: Elissa Gong  $1,140

Bringing It To Life: Hands-On Labs with Brains - The brain can be one of the most difficult units for kids because of the many parts and functions that need to be learned. By providing students an opportunity to interact with sheep brains physically, it will help them to really understand the various layers and the physical organization of the brain.
LHS Social Studies: Jonathan Kim, Kara Bosman   $1,025

Literacy in Lake County - Students have started the year with a book buddy partnership with Fairhaven Elementary, reading and teaching reading strategies to three classes of first graders. They will create a "book" using materials purchased with this grant for our "buddies". Also, students will plan out how to get a "lending library" permit to put in a mobile library and stock it full of appropriate dual language books for young children for the summer reading slide. Our students will be making a difference in not only an individual "buddy's" lives, but also make a lasting impact on their broader community.
VHHS English - Amanda Krich  $1,150

Honors Biology 3D CRISPR and ATP Synthase Models — Today’s learning is multidimensional, and biology needs to be multidimensional also. By purchasing these models, students will be able to see the 3D shape of the CRISPR gene editing technology and the 3D shape of ATP.
LHS Science: Karen Kym, Ashley Bell  $1,200

Making an Impact in Our Community: PBL with a Local Focus - Students will be presented with five problems facing Lake County residents: contamination of lakes, resource disparity between schools, rising poverty, a spike in heroin use among teens, and a loss of family-owned businesses. After choosing a topic, teams will investigate the issue and propose a method of support.
VHHS English - Ellen Macias  $1,500

Reading Support Tool for Empowering Students - Students who have deficits and difficulty with reading fluency and decoding often times struggle to read text that isn’t at their instructional reading level. The Learning Ally tool provides students access to audiobooks that are read by a human voice.  This tool will allow students with reading difficulties access to text that provides modeled reading in and out of the classroom.
LHS Special Services - James Brum, Kim Jansen  $1,999.20

The Future of Food: Solving a Global Food Crisis - We are seeing more and more the depletion of nutrient-rich soils, leading to a global food crisis. Aquaponics is the wave of the future to help solve this problem. By maintaining their own ecocolumns, students will be inquisitive as they ponder problems, question convention, and propose solutions.
VHHS Science - Alyssa Clarke   $1,748.33

Windows and Mirrors PBL - Students will conduct one on one interviews with Spanish speaking children in the community focusing on their cultural background and personal dreams. Through cultural research and small group collaboration, they will write a personalized children’s story that they will publish for that child. Students will then meet with the child, read the book to them, and the child will take the book home to share with his or her family.
LHS World Languages - Emily Koerner  $2,000

Gamification of AP Chemistry - This project will provide a year-long game where groups of students create STEM projects as teams and earn the pieces for unique designs by completing classroom activities to reach and stretch their “brain muscles”.
VHHS Science - Sarah Stoub   $1,255.62

Outdoor Classroom Renovation: Phase I - Students will design, install, and maintain native grasses and wildflowers along the perimeter of the courtyard designated as a future outdoor classroom. This project is the first step toward the creation of an outdoor laboratory and collaboration space.
LHS Science - Jennifer Kahn, Dave Lapish  $1,995

Emriver Em2 Stream Table Academic Accessories & Software Supplement - This request allows for the one-time purchase of an innovative device that allows students to simulate river processes with remarkable accuracy.  This elite system will allow students to manipulate a variety of contributing factors as they explore the principles of river behavior, subtle channel morphology and sediment transport.
VHHS Science - Kedric Greenawalt  $1,523.50

Software Development Pathway Go-to-Market Fund - This project is a full-district request to begin building an activities fund to be used as students reach the new advanced topics "go-to-market" course associated with the software development pathway. Students will pitch their software products and the most valid projects will be funded and brought to the marketplace.
LHS/VHHS/District Office, Interdisciplinary - Drew Russell, Steve Korney, Tim Roegner, Tom Koulentes, Jon Guillaume, Lynne Benson, Debi Kellum, Dustin Helvie, Rita Fischer, Ray Albin, Joe O’Brien  $4,000

Founded in 2007, the Foundation for Learning was established to enhance and enrich the instructional program in District 128 by obtaining resources through community partnerships.