Upcoming class reunion information:


Front photo of Libertyville and Vernon Hills High School

Class Reunions Scheduled:

In 2024

Libertyville High School

  • LHS Class of 2004
    • 20th Class Reunion - Saturday, 10/5/2024 
      • For more details contact:
        • Jocelyn Miller Zeitzoff at miller.jocelyn@gmail.com or 847-609-9146
  • LHS Class of 1971 Debuts New Website​​
    • The Libertyville High School Class of 1971 Reunion Committee is proud to announce the launch of its new class website which can be found at this link.
    • In addition to news and events about the LHS Class of 1971, the new site features links to LHS and District 128 Schools as well as multiple links to Libertyville news, events and organizations.
      • Enjoy the new website!

Libertyville High School Class of 1971 Reunion Committee

Willie Class of 1971 Sign Photo


Vernon Hills High School




In 2025

Libertyville High School

Vernon Hills High School

  • VHHS Class of 2015

    • 15th Class Reunion (Initial Planning)

      • For more details contact:

        • David Valentino at david.valentino2@gmail.com or (917) 654-1704

        • Jessica Block at jessica.block@case.edu or (404) 971-1211