LHS and VHHS is committed to providing a program, which will meet the unique educational needs, interests, abilities, and aspirations of each of its students.  To help accomplish this goal, three levels of academic instruction have been developed.
1.    Advanced Placement courses are highly challenging courses with expectations that students will work independently and demonstrate high levels of critical and analytical thinking, reading, and writing.  The textbooks and materials used are above grade level or at college level.  The goal of the course is to prepare the student for the Advanced Placement exam, which may permit a student to receive college credit and/or placement.
2.    Honors courses demand high levels of cognitive and problem-solving processes and independent work.  A rigorous instructional pace allows for both curricular depth and enrichment.  These courses prepare students for college work and future study in Advanced Placement courses.
3.    College Prep courses provide instruction to develop skills that allow concentration on acquisition and application of new knowledge.  These courses prepare students for college work or other post-secondary options.

The following indicates the weighted grading scale:
    AP        Honors        College Prep
    A - 5.0        A - 4.5        A - 4.0
    B - 4.0        B - 3.5        B - 3.0
    C - 3.0        C - 2.5        C - 2.0
    D - 2.0        D - 1.5        D - 1.0