Students are expected to fulfill the particular requirements of a curriculum in order to fully benefit from the educational growth that a class has to offer.  If these requirements are not fulfilled, the teacher has the right to fail a student.

  • Teachers will specify the logistics and expectations for satisfactory completion, timeframe, and grading.
  • Students will be expected to complete the requirement within the given timeframe that the teacher has set.
  • Teachers have a right to refuse homework if not completed in the specified amount of time.
  • Teachers have a right to make a reduction in grade if a student does not meet the assignment due date.
  • Students who are sick or have an excused absence will be allowed the same timeframe plus one day to complete any work that has not been finished.
  • Students who are assigned in-school suspension may request work they will be missing to be completed during this quiet study time.  Students may also request to make up work upon returning to class.  In this regard, no academic penalties shall ensue, however teachers have the discretion to set time limits for accepting work upon return to the regular classroom setting.
  • Students who are assigned out-of-school suspensions follow the same guidelines asoutlined in the Suspensions (out-of-school) section of the parent/student handbook.
  • Students will not be allowed to make up work that is over three weeks late unless the teacher grants permission.  (This is an effort to protect teachers from being overloaded at the end of any semester by a barrage of late work from various students.)
  • Parents or students may request a meeting if it is felt that any portion of this policy was not followed fairly and justly.  The meeting shall consist of the instructor, student(s), parent(s) or legal guardian(s), and the instructor’s department chairperson.