Welcome to Libertyville High School's Special Services Handbook

The purpose of this handbook is to explain the procedures, practices, and supports that the Special Services department has to offer. This handbook addresses many frequently asked questions and areas of concern that arise throughout the school year. Additional requests for information or questions may be directed toward the student's case manager, the Program Supervisor, or the Director of Special Services.

The Special Services Department is committed to providing a supportive environment in which students with special educational needs can develop intellectual, academic, physical, emotional, social and civic life skills. The department strives to assist each student in accessing a variety of learning opportunities provided by the high school. The Special Services program supports each student’s effort to become a self-aware, self-directed, self-advocating learner. Special services courses provide specialized instruction and support to eligible students. A team of school professionals determines a student’s eligibility for special education according to the guidelines of the Illinois State Board of Education. The identification, placement, and provision of special education services are governed by federal and state regulations and are provided with the input of the professional staff, the student, and the parents. Courses are designed to meet individual learner needs and address any exceptional characteristic that interferes with learning. Each eligible student has a written Individual Education Plan (IEP) that specifies annual goals, benchmarks, and related services. The Special Services Program is led by the Director of Special Services for Community High School District 128. The Special Services Supervisor coordinates the programs within the high school building. Student needs are met by professional instructors and paraprofessional teacher assistants.