LHS Common App Cheat Sheet

1.  Go to Common App and register

  • If this is your first visit to Common App, click “Apply Now” then “Create an Account”.
  • Enter your email address and password.  HINT: Use an appropriate email address for all college communications.
  • Remember this email address as you will need it in Step 4.

2.  In your Common App, complete the questions in the Education section using the following information:

  • LHS School Code is 142620
  • Class of 2024 Graduation Date:  May 2024
  • Enter your counselor’s name, email address, and phone number:
    • Kelly Angelos (A-Ca): kelly.angelos@d128.org, 847-327-7020
    • Teresa Gebhardt (Ce-F): teresa.gebhardt@d128.org, 847-327-7021
    • Adrana Espinoza (G-Kan): adriana.espinoza@d128.org, 847-327-7029
    • Sarah Kelly (Kao-McC): sarah.kelly@d128.org, 847-327-7150
    • Lauren Pothast (McD-P): lauren.pothast@d128.org, 847-327-7028
    • John Mortillaro (Q-Sta): john.mortillaro@d128.org, 847-327-7036
    • Genesis Casillas (Ste-Z): genesis.casillas@d128.org, 847-327-7035
  • A Community Based Organization provides FREE assistance to students in their application process.  For almost all of you, your answer is ZERO.
  • Under Colleges & Universities section:  If you have taken a course at CLC, or a course like Earth Science Honors that earned CLC credit, you should list it here. (Be aware that some colleges/universities may ask for an official transcript from CLC showing that you completed this course BEFORE they review your application.)
  • In the Grades section:
    • Report “none” for Class Rank reporting
    • Graduating Class Size:  440
    • Cumulative GPA: We report your weighted gpa.  Your GPA is available on Naviance and unofficial transcript. 
    • GPA Scale = 4; GPA Weighting = Weighted
  • Enter all of your current year courses, including PE.  You will be able to mark whether a course is first or second semester, or a full year course. 
  • Enter any academic honors you have received. NHS counts.
  • List your career interest (options are limited—you can choose “other”), and the highest degree you intend to earn.

3.  Add at least one college to your My Colleges list

  • Use the College Search tab to find colleges
  • If you cannot find a college, it is probably not a Common App Member School!

4.  Sign the FERPA Release Authorization

You only need to do this ONCE, even if you are applying to multiple Common App colleges.

FERPA = Family Educational Rights to Privacy Act, a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records.

  • Click on the My Colleges tab, then click the college name to view their list of requirements.
  • Click on Recommenders and FERPA, then on Release Authorization
  • Complete these steps to sign the FERPA release:
    • Indicate that you understand the statement, click continue
    • Check the authorization box for LHS to send your records
    • Click “I waive my right to review all recommendations and supporting documents submitted by me or on my behalf.”
    • Check the box that you understand the waiver pertains to all Common App colleges to which you apply.
    • Sign, date, submit.

5.  Invite Recommenders

  • You MUST invite your counselor. You only need to do this once.
  • Invite a teacher if a recommendation is required.
  • Once you have invited a teacher, you can “assign” them to additional Common App schools. Make sure you do this.

Any further questions? Ask your CRC anything!